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Username Post: Project 52 (2014) December New Challenges Posted!!        (Topic#1593005)
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This is a forum to post your layouts for 2014. The goal is to complete one layout for each week during the year. You are welcome to share more than that number per week, but only one layout per week will be posted on the front page.

Here is a link to the gallery challenge: ge&ch...

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December players (updated):

1.Laura (lcmemories)
2.Lynne (lgtaylor100)
3.Pam (PamStewart.Iowa)
4.Vickie (happy go lucky)
5.Tammy (Ladybing Tammy)
6.Amanda (Scrapanda)
7.Norma (njr007)
9.Carol (NMscrapper)
11.Lori (lorilei1971)
13.Coleen (msmama)

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Important things to note:

Anyone can join at any time. You can use any format you want. Digital or traditional scrapbooking is fine. If you want to take a photo a day, or only highlight one event . . . it is entirely up to you.

The goal is to create at least one layout for each week. All the layouts will stay in the gallery challenge and in the thread. However, only those posted in the thread here which have been created for the month of June 1 or later will be on the front page. There just isn't room to go all the way back to the beginning of the year, so I will be removing older layouts on the front page as the year progresses. So, if you are catching up, and have some pages for January, February, March, April or May, please share in the thread. Pages already submitted for June or afterward should already on the front page.

Share as many as you want in the thread and the gallery challenge. If someone wants to make this more like a project life, where you stay current with 2014 photos, that is ok. If you want to make this pertain a special event, or just try to catch up on other layouts, then that is ok too. I want this to be where anyone can jump in at any time and do things as they get time. All you have to do is let me know which week your layout pertains to in the challenge.

This is going to be really laid back, and the layouts can be entered in multiple challenges. Again, if you want your layout posted on the front page, please share your layout in the thread. Also,please try to check in at least once per week.

You can jump in and complete as many or as few layouts as you want, when you want.

NEW: Challenges in December (all optional)

1.Create a layout for an event or week occurring in December 2014. Please either note in the thread or on the layout that is for an event that occurred in December.

2. Finish your goal of 52 layouts for the year, and post in the thread that you have finished 52 layouts. Make certain that your 52 layouts are linked to the gallery for this challenge. The link is in the first post above.

3. Check in weekly, submit at least one layout in December for this challenge (it can be for any of the weeks during the year), and leave love on the other layouts posted in November. Easy right?

Remember, if you get behind or want to do your weeks out of order that is ok too. Again, just let me know which week the layout is representing.

Instructions on linking images

Go to the right hand side of your layout in your gallery. There should be a tab that says "Link". Click on that, and it should pull up a small screen with an option of a http or IMG link. Click on the IMG link and copy that link by right clicking and choosing "copy". Come back to this thread and paste that link into a post here.

Clear as mud?? If you have any problems, let me know and I will try to help.

Updated challenge officially begins December 1, 2014.

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Project 52 layouts:

PLEASE NOTE: I update this at the beginning of every month, and some of the older layouts are no longer on this page. When you create a page that is for one of the prior weeks, let me know and I will get it added so long as it is for week 28 or after. There just isn't room on the front page to go back further than that. You can continue to share as many earlier layouts in the thread that you would like. Thanks!!

Week 28 (July 7 through 13)

1. Funny Hunny 12 x 12 Layout By Crystalmorse

2. GOSSIPY...old timers By Jorganne

3. 50 Days Out In Scotland - Edinburgh Castle By Ladybing Tammy

4. 28 of 52: Just Me By Stopnstare07

5. 10 things I love right now By Sassiescrapper

6. My incredibles By Njr007

7. You are loved, adorable and cherished By Scrappinglyn

8. 28/52 Family Pose By NMscrapper

9. 2014 Week 28 By Msmama

10. Rick & Lori By Scrapanda

11. 2014 Project Life Week 28 -Right By PamStewart.Iowa 2014 Project Life Week 28 Left By PamStewart.Iowa

12. Livin' Life P-52 (28) By Swonders

13. Hard Day's Night By Lgtaylor100

14. Baby Love, meet Olive By Happy Go Lucky

15. Ice Cream Mustache By SonjaC

16. A Perfect Day By Lcmemories

Week 29 (July 14 through July 20)

1. The Long Kiss Goodnight By Jorganne

2. Memorial Day 12x12 Layout By Crystalmorse

3. love you, love us By Sassiescrapper

4. 2014, 50 Days out In Scotland - Palace of Holyroodhouse By Ladybing Tammy

5. Beautiful By Njr007

6. 29/52 Lead, Follow or . . . By NMscrapper

7. I won 1 & 2 By Scrappinglyn

8. 29 of 52: Dollface Princess By Stopnstare07

9. Feeding the Rhino By PamStewart.Iowa

10. Summer Musicales By Lgtaylor100

11. Did someone say treat? By Happy Go Lucky

12. Let Freedom Ring By SonjaC

13. Tucker By Scrapanda

14. Weekend Getaway By Lcmemories

15. 2014 Week 29 By Msmama

Week 30 (July 21 through 27)

1. Kinder Graduation 12x12 Layout By Crystalmorse

2. Baby Steps By Jorganne

3. 2014 - For Kaz's Hen Do By Ladybing Tammy

4. cousins By Scrappinglyn

5. Feeding the Lorikeets By PamStewart.Iowa

6. 30/52 Grace O'Malley's Pub By NMscrapper

7. #familyfun By Sassiescrapper

8. Constant Motion By SonjaC

9. Celebrate Me By Njr007

10. Looks Who's Here By Happy Go Lucky

11. Cake By Scrapanda

12. 2014 Week 30 & 31 By Msmama

13. Healing Consciousness Foundation (HCF) Retreat By Lgtaylor100

Week 31 (July 28 through August 3)

1. Kinder Graduation 12x12 Layout By Crystalmorse

2. MPGA memories By Jorganne

3. 2014 Scotland Falkirk Wheel By Ladybing Tammy

4. Old Glory By SonjaC

5. Mad Hatter By Njr007

6. Trash the Dress By Scrapanda

7. All wrapped up By Happy Go Lucky

8. LOVE By Scrappinglyn

9. 31/52 Summer By NMscrapper

10. Sayen Gardens By Lgtaylor100

Week 32 (August 4 through 10)

1. Billy Jack...2 By Jorganne

2. 8x8 Layout For a Friend By Crystalmorse

3. Riding the Camel By PamStewart.Iowa

4. 2014, Scotland - Winter Rainbow By Ladybing Tammy

5. 2nd Birthday By Njr007

6. 32/52 Isn't She Lovely By NMscrapper

7. Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest By Scrapanda

8. mum By Scrappinglyn

9. 2014 Week 32 By Msmama

10. Life. Enjoy every moment By Happy Go Lucky

11. Biltmore By Lgtaylor100

12. Row, row, row your boat By Sassiescrapper

13. Happy birthday Todd By Lcmemories

Week 33 (August 11 through 17)

1. Feeding the Tortoises By PamStewart.Iowa

2. June 2014 Instagrams By Crystalmorse

3. UPDATE By Jorganne

4. 2014, Scotland, Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremonies By Ladybing Tammy

5. Puppy Love By Njr007

6. 33/52 Dream By NMscrapper

7. me today By Scrappinglyn

8. Boo By Scrapanda

9. 2014 Week 33 By Msmama

10. birthday brunch By Sassiescrapper

11. the summer of '65 By Happy Go Lucky

12. One Singular Sensation By Lgtaylor100

13. Road Trip Week 33 By Lcmemories

Week 34 (August 18 through 24)

1. Sunshine 12x12 Layout By Crystalmorse

2. Herb By PamStewart.Iowa

3. Family By Jorganne

4. Grandgirlies - Christmas 2013 By Ladybing Tammy

5. Only 1 By Scrappinglyn

6. Oh No! By Njr007

7. 34/52 Sunshine Boys By NMscrapper

8. You are my Son Shine By Scrapanda

9. Mammoth mountain biking By Sassiescrapper

10. Owl always love you By Happy Go Lucky

11. Happy Birthday (Emmy) By Lgtaylor100

Week 35 (August 25 through 31)

1. Me and Daddy 12 x 12 Layout By Crystalmorse

2. Hard Working Men By Jorganne

3. 2014, Surrey House, Norwich - August PageMaps sketch 4 (left) By Ladybing Tammy

4. Project Life Week 30 By PamStewart.Iowa

5. Brother By Scrappinglyn

6. Circle of Friends By Njr007

7. Treasured Moments By Scrapanda

8. 2014 Week 35 By Msmama

9. Sweet Little One By Happy Go Lucky

10. 35/52 mm, mm - GOOD! By NMscrapper

11. Carolina Woods By Lgtaylor100

12. love you to the moon and back By Sassiescrapper

Week 36 (Sept 1 through 7)

1. Granny's Bug 12 x 12 Layout By Crystalmorse

2. Beautiful Dreamer By Jorganne

3. Project Life Week 31 Left By PamStewart.Iowa Project Life Week 31 right By PamStewart.Iowa

4. 2014, July, Antonine Wall Rough Castle - August 2 Page Sketch By Ladybing Tammy

5. This is what 50 Looks Like By Njr007

6. Wedding Ceremony Randoms By Scrapanda

7. My car By Scrappinglyn

8. 2014 Week 36 By Msmama

9. 36/52 Will She? By NMscrapper

10. Labor Day BBQ By Sassiescrapper

11. family By Happy Go Lucky

12. In the Summertime By Lgtaylor100

Week 37 (Sept 8 through 14)

1. Face Paint 12 x 12 Layout By Crystalmorse

2. Daddy's Little Girl By Jorganne

3. Love it By Scrapanda

4. Believe By Njr007

5. 2014, England, Liverpool - August Round Robin Team 2 Week 4 By Ladybing Tammy

6. smile live it up By Scrappinglyn

7. 2014 Week 37 By Msmama

8. 37/52 Rebel By NMscrapper

9. kiss me right here By Happy Go Lucky

10. Cape May Whale Watch By Lgtaylor100

11. 2014 Project Life Week 32 Right By PamStewart.Iowa

Week 38 (Sept 15 through 21)

1. Joe Pool Lake 12 x 12 Layout By Crystalmorse

2. Heaven Sent By Scrapanda

3. 2014, England, Liverpool - Real Friends By Ladybing Tammy

4. Elegant By Njr007

5. Look at me By Scrappinglyn

6. (Band) First Home Game By Lcmemories

7. 2014 week 38 By Msmama

8. 38/52 Beautiful Together By NMscrapper

9. Hey Little Cobra By Lgtaylor100

10. Little man By Happy Go Lucky

11. 2014 Project Life Week 32 Left By PamStewart.Iowa

Week 39 (Sept 22 -28)

1. Wave Pool 12 x 12 Layout By Crystalmorse

2. 2014, Scotland, Airshow By Ladybing Tammy

3. The Crow Family Observes By Scrapanda

4. Brown eyed boy By Scrappinglyn

5. Pirate Party By Njr007

6. 39/52 So Many Reasons to Be Happy By NMscrapper

7. Rosh Hashana By Lgtaylor100

8. 2014 Week 39 By Msmama

9. Beach baby By Happy Go Lucky

10. 2014 Halloween Cards By PamStewart.Iowa

Week 40 (Sept 29- October 5)

1. Fourth of July 12 x 12 Layout By Crystalmorse

2. Bart and me By Scrappinglyn

3. Carefree By Scrapanda

4. Soar By Njr007

5. 2014, Scotland - Isle of Skye Trip - Flower of Scotland By Ladybing Tammy

6. 40/52 Contemplation By NMscrapper

7. 2014 Week 40 By Msmama

8. Brand Spanking New By Happy Go Lucky

9. Justin is 7 By Lgtaylor100

10. everything is coming up roses By Sassiescrapper

11. 2012 Halloween By PamStewart.Iowa

Week 41 (Oct 6 -12)

1. 4th of July 12 x 12 Layout By Crystalmorse

2. Family By Scrapanda

3. untitled By Njr007

4. Jazz By Scrappinglyn

5. 2014, Scotland, Isle of Skye - October Round Robin Team 1 Week 2 By Ladybing Tammy

6. 2014 Week 41 By Msmama

7. 41/52 Soar By NMscrapper

8. family photo By Happy Go Lucky

9. All Aboard By Lgtaylor100

10. Project Life Week 34-left By PamStewart.Iowa

Week 42 (Oct 13 - 19)

1. Pool Party 12 x 12 Layout By Crystalmorse

2. I thee wed By Scrappinglyn

3. Ben and I By Scrapanda

4. Happy Holidays By Njr007

5. 42/52 Time Flies By NMscrapper

6. Wet nose Warm heart By Happy Go Lucky

7. 2014, Scotland - Tall Ship - October Page Maps Sketch 5 By Ladybing Tammy

8. Mr. Peabody and Sherman By Lgtaylor100

9. 2014 week 42 By Msmama

10. Pool time By Sassiescrapper

11. Project Life Wk 34 By PamStewart.Iowa

Week 43 (Oct 20 - 26)

1. Room for two By Scrappinglyn

2. You make me smile By Scrapanda

3. New Puppy By Njr007

4. California Dreamin' By Happy Go Lucky

5. Jim Thorpe By Lgtaylor100

6. 2014, Scotland - Flowers in February - October Page Maps Sketch 2 By Ladybing Tammy

7. 43/52 Dear Santa, . . . By NMscrapper

8. 2014 week 43 By Msmama

9. happy birthday, D By Sassiescrapper

10. Project life wk 42 right By PamStewart.Iowa

Week 44 (Oct 27 - Nov 2)

1. Aunt , By Scrappinglyn

2. Trash the Dress By Scrapanda

3. 2014 Christmas Recipe - Never Enough Gingerbread By Ladybing Tammy

4. who needs scary when you've got cute? By Happy Go Lucky

5. December 24 By Njr007

6. read By Sassiescrapper

7. Halloween 2014 By Lcmemories

8. 44/52 Lovely By NMscrapper

9. 2014 week 44 By Msmama

10. Project life - wk42 right By PamStewart.Iowa

11. Salud, Mangia By Lgtaylor100

Week 45 (Nov 3 - 9)

1. You Are Loved By Scrapanda

2. In the Army By Njr007

3. Hero By Ladybing Tammy

4. Big boy By Happy Go Lucky

5. BOO By Scrappinglyn

6. Happy Diwali By Lgtaylor100

7. 45/52 Zombilicious By NMscrapper

8. 2014 Christmas Card By PamStewart.Iowa

Week 46 (Nov 10 - 16)
1. Thank God I got him By Scrapanda

2. Pride and Joy By Happy Go Lucky

3. Mr & Mrs By Scrappinglyn

4. Sugar & Spice By Njr007

5. 2014 - Scotland - Flora MacDonald - Nov Round Robin Team 1 Week 2 By Ladybing Tammy

6. 46/52 If You Don't Like My Attitude . . . By NMscrapper

7. Susi, Linda 1990 By PamStewart.Iowa

Week 47 (Nov 17 - 23)

1. Trash the Dress By Scrapanda

2. Stumped By Happy Go Lucky

3. Memory By Scrappinglyn

4. 2014, Scotland, Balloch - November 2 Page Sketch 5 By Ladybing Tammy

5. 47/52 Moments By NMscrapper

6. Feel the Beat By Njr007

7. Beeker Family Tree By PamStewart.Iowa

Week 48 (Nov 24 - 30)

1. Party Bus By Scrapanda

2. First crawl By Scrappinglyn

3. 48/52 November Snow By NMscrapper

4. 2014, Glasgow Scotland - Dec PageMaps Sketch 3 By Ladybing Tammy

5. mittens By Njr007

6. December Daily 2 By Lcmemories

7. 2014 Week 45 By PamStewart.Iowa

Week 49 (Dec 1 - 7)

1. Love Story By Scrapanda

2. Wish upon a star By Scrappinglyn

3. Halloween By Njr007

4. 49/52 Hey, Santa! By NMscrapper

5. 2014, Gifts To Go - December Page Maps sketch 1 By Ladybing Tammy

6. December Daily 8 By Lcmemories

7. 2014 Wk 45a By PamStewart.Iowa

Week 50 (Dec 8 - 14)

1. There's no place I'd rather be By Scrapanda

2. 50/52 Scrappy Buddy By NMscrapper

3. 2014 Christmas By Ladybing Tammy

4. I love santa By Scrappinglyn

5. December Daily 9 By Lcmemories

6. 2014 WK 48 By PamStewart.Iowa

Week 51 (Dec 15 - 21)

1. 51/52 Wonder By NMscrapper

2. Snow By Scrappinglyn

3. Tutu By Scrapanda

4. 2014, Scotland - December 2 Page Layout By Ladybing Tammy

Week 52 (Dec 22 -31)

1. Big Hug in 2013 By Scrappinglyn

2. 52/52 Gingerbread Houses By NMscrapper

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I'm with you.


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Yay!! Great to see you Lynne!

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  • dlwj2 on 12-28-13 06:48 AM
In response to lcmemories

Please count me in. This year I'm better prepared and organized so I believe I will get it done to the end.

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Adding you now.

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I'd like to try this, Laura. Thanks!

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Me, too! Maybe this will help me keep on track.

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Updated to here. Glad to see everyone!

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I would like to try this.

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In response to bj9268


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I'm in! Sounds like a fun challenge to be motivated all year

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I'm in Laura! Thank you!

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I'd like to play please!

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I'm in too! However, my PL wont start til sometime in April when my first baby is due. I want to make a PL all about his first year and for that I need the baby first

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Congratulations, Amarilys!! Be sure to journal about those last weeks of pregnancy and how you feel mentally and physically, years from now it will be a treasure to you

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Count me in.

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So excited to see everyone!

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