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I am preparing for my first scrapbooking retreat next weekend. We have 10 friends attending.

Can I ask what everyone who attends retreats likes to have as their "FAVORITE" snack items for the weekend?


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In response to hlcowan

Chocolate is always a good choice!

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Nothing messy--for your hands or your workspace! My go-to snack that I take to every crop is a disposable pan of scotcharoos...because I never have any to bring home!

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Gelidy Gelato
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a trail mix with M&Ms
those tubs of little cookies
stay away from anything messy or could drip

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M&M's is always a must for me, but I also take a snack to share. I make these cinnamon and sugar chips our of large tortillas and bake them. They are not messy and I rarely have any to bring home.

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I like mini Hershey bars because they are individually wrapped. I've seen women drop things on the floor, pick them up, and then shove their hands into the "Cheetos" or "Pretzel" buckets. *shudder*

I've also attended a monthly crop where snacks were served in large bins with tops. Each bin had their own tongs and snacks could be put into disposable bowls/cups. Snacks were pretzels, hot tamales, M&M's, nuts and candied fruit slices. It was nice having a variety and a bowl to keep them in while scrapping.

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Chocolate is always a good choice. M&Ms, trail mix, hershey's kisses, etc.

At the retreats I go to, we've had a variety of snacks. We've had nachos, taco dip, bagel dip, fruit, veggies, small snack bags of chips, etc. - it's an "eat at your workspace at your own risk" and we don't worry about messy. When I snack, it's a good time to step away from the table and mingle or just get a break from what I'm working on.

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I like to take yogurt covered raisins or chocolate covered blueberries or acai berries. I am like some of the other folks here... put in a little scoop or "grabber" so that folks don't have to dig their hands into the treats. NEVER ever take cheetos or cheezits crackers. That guarantees orange stains on a layout or card. A really cheap thing to put snacks in is coffee filters. You can get 200 or so for a few dollars and they are easy to dispose of. Much better than the styrofoam bowls or plates. I learned this tip early on in my teaching days. Coffee filters were a cheap and easy way to pass snack. We no longer serve snacks to our students.

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At the retreat I go to every year, everyone brings homemade stuff usually, along with a selection of chips, fruit, crackers & cheese, cookies etc....
Some make salads, some make desserts, some have made homemade snack mixes etc.....

Same as Peg, above, we tend to step away from the table to take a little break and have a bite to eat....or you can snack at the table at your own risk

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I was at a crop this weekend. The hosts brought candies (M&Ms and Kisses) almonds. The M&Ms and almonds were in bowls with a spoon.

I would appreciate a healthy snack (mandarin oranges at this time of year) and would be happy to take a break from scrapping to peel, eat, and wash my hands afterward. Also, maybe baby carrots for a crunchy option.

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OOO! I'm going to a retreat next weekend too! I plan on bringing candy (kisses/minis or M&Ms) and cheese/grapes. I do try to do my best at eating away from my scrappy area if it's messy food. But, it's good to get up and move around anyway.

And, midnight snacks give you just enough energy to go a few more hours!

Have fun! I know I will!

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I appreciate fruit and healthy snacks along with hot water for tea. It seems like people always think of the coffee drinkers but forget those of us that don't drink coffee.

We also usually have ice cream sundae's at one retreat I go to it's kind of fun.

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