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Username Post: February 2014 Cricut Challenge -Closed and Scrapping        (Topic#1593847)
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Sign ups for the February Cricut challenge close on February 1st- midnight CST

Please sign up for the challenge, participation will be limited to about 25 give or take a few.

All cricut projects are welcome to be posted here by participants for sharing ..... but 3 (three) projects are required to "complete" the challenge.

All projects MUST include something cut with your cricut .....please remember to let us know what cart you used!

February twist: Use a clover or a bird

At the end of the month (February 28th there will be a random drawing for a RAK from all participants who have completed the challenge (3 projects).
There will also be a drawing for everyone that completed a project with a twist


Remember to save this thread to your favorites for easy access. And please CHECK IN at least once a week so I know you are still playing. IF I SEND YOU REPEATED PMS TO CHECK IN, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE THE FOLLOWING MONTH.

Norma (njr007)
1. Sandra (nansan)
2. Michelle (melissadam) :biggrin
3. Melanie (lamoo12)
4. Dawn (flutterbye0419)
5. Juanita (juanita_fl_f)
6. Donna (dkscrapper)
7. Anna (Anna C)
8. Trish (ChansGram)
9. Kristie (LotsToScrap)
10. Tina (tinadn)
11. Henva (stopnstare07)
12. Sharon (Sewflake)
13. Vickie (happy go lucky)
14. Linda (boricuapr)
15. Lisa (lpeeps)
16. Sonja (SonjaC)
17. Julie (Julie101)
18. Chris (charris449)
19. Laura (lcmemories)
20. Jeanette (Scrapjanny)
21. Terri (Pink Spoonbill)
22. Char (charcats)
23. Amanda (scrapanda)
24. Becky (Aunt Jo)
25. Jennifer (cinderella4282)
26. Sue (jazzescrapper)
27. Jen (Jen E)
26. Marci (MarciLB)

One Project
Completed Challenge
Completed Twist

1. Captured Moments By Sewflake
2. Our Day By Sewflake
3. Plane By Lamoo12
4. untitled By Melissadam with twist
5. true love always By Melissadam
6. Giggles & Grins By Dkscrapper
Tag By Tinadn
8. My new favorite day By Tinadn
9. Valentine By Tinadn
10. Crowley, LA By Pink Spoonbill
11. party time By Flutterbye0419
12. Sweet Pea By Flutterbye0419
13. BE MINE By Dkscrapper
14. Lost in this moment By Scrapanda
15. Cheryl & Ross' Wedding By Scrapanda
16. ( 4132297.html (Jeanette)
17. 4132299.html (Jeanette)
18. Get Well Card By Anna C
19. you+me=happy By ChansGram
20. Valentines Card By Anna C
21. time for cake By Melissadam
22. presents By Melissadam
23. Valentine Card By Lcmemories
24. From This Day By Sewflake
25. Wedding Day By Sewflake
26. Red Stick, LA By Pink Spoonbill
27. I vow... By Scrapanda
28. 6th Grade Notes By Lcmemories
29. 7 of 52: Special Love By Stopnstare07
30. Too Hot 2 Handle By Dkscrapper
31.-32. untitled By Melissadam
33. boogie By Melissadam
34. Valentine's Day Card and Tag Challenge By Nanasan
35. The Mean Kitty By Sewflake with twist
36. Ever so sweet By ChansGram
37. BIG By MarciLB
38. Party Time Layout By Juanita_fl_f
39. dazzling princess By Melissadam
40. Crazy hair day By ChansGram
41. happy birthday By Melissadam
42. Pucker Up By Anna C
43. Valentines Card By Anna C
44. Delightful By AuntJo
45. Building a snowman By ChansGram
46. Forever By Sewflake
47. Gray Squirrel By Sewflake
48. 136615.html (scrapjanny)
49. Love to nap By Melissadam
50. real life By Melissadam
51. Love Card front By Charcats7 Love Card Inside By Charcats7
52. Forever By Boricuapr
53. 8 of 52: You Color My World By Stopnstare07
54. celebrate By Melissadam with twist
55. Ice Cream Sundae Bar By Scrapanda
56. Pretty By Scrapanda
57. Bridal Shower By Scrapanda
58.-59. Bridal Shower Wishes By Scrapanda
60.-61. Man Shower By Scrapanda
62. Happy Birthday By Dkscrapper
63. for my valentine By Dkscrapper
64. Love-bug By Lamoo12
65. Joy Fold Card By Anna C
66. Gate Fold Card By Anna C Gate Fold Card Inside By Anna C
67. Valentines Card By Anna C
68. Valentines Step Card By Anna C
69. Fashion queen By ChansGram
70. Valentine Day By Pink Spoonbill
71.-72. Memorial Hall, State Capitol, LA By Pink Spoonbill
73. Wonderful World By Scrapanda
74. Happy Valentine's Day By Scrapanda
75. sweet charlie By Melissadam
76. happy birthday By Charcats7
77. Happy Birthday masculine By Charcats7
78. You're the Best (Mother's Day) By Charcats7
79. Rosie By ChansGram
80. It's a party By Happy Go Lucky
81. 39345.html (scrapjanny)
82. easter By Melissadam
83. by Talan By MarciLB
84. St. Patrick's Day Card By Anna C with twist
85. Valentines Card By Anna C
86. Threads By Boricuapr
87. easter By Melissadam
88. welcome baby By Charcats7
89. Happy Birthday (Wild Wonder) By Charcats7
90. birthday wishes By Charcats7
91.-93. Valentines Candy Tubes By Anna C
94. LUCKY to be brothers By MarciLB
95. easter By Melissadam
96. easter By Melissadam
97. easter By Melissadam
cards for a workshop (CTMH Ivy Lane) By Charcats7
101-103. cards for a workshop (CTMH BabyCakes By Charcats7
104. Hugs and Kisses By Njr007
105. I love you to pieces By Njr007
106. Hot Stuff By Njr007
107. Kisses Container By Njr007
108. Cupcake holder By Njr007
109. Forever with you By Njr007
110. Pink Card By Njr007
111. Happy Valentines Day By Charcats7 with twist
112. easter By Melissadam
113. bring on the snow By Melissadam
114. january robins By Melissadam
115. Whale You Bee Mine? By LotsToScrap
116. Snowman decor By LotsToScrap
117. Cracker By LotsToScrap
118. Cracker By LotsToScrap
119. Warm Wishes Gift Box By LotsToScrap
120. you're a heartbreaker By MarciLB
121.-122. Tags By Tinadn
123. Sweet By Jen E
124. Homecoming By Lcmemories
125. My love bugs By ChansGram
126. Birthday Card By Anna C
127. Heartfelt By Sewflake
128.-129. Carl's 4th By Charcats7
130. None By Tinadn
131. Valentines Card By Lamoo12 with twist
133. Together By Tinadn
134. You make me melt By Charris449
135. Cute as a bug By Charris449
136. Love this pup By Scrapanda
137. New Mac By Scrapanda
138. Baby By Scrapanda with twist
139. Best Place To Be By Sewflake
140. 2 By Melissadam
141. hello handsome By Melissadam
142. easter By Melissadam
143.0144. Observation Deck, LA By Pink Spoonbill
145.-146. Sail on Sailor By Jen E
147.-148. baby tags By Happy Go Lucky
149. lil bears By Happy Go Lucky
150. Ushers By Scrapanda
151. Happy Birthday By Dkscrapper
152. snowy By Melissadam
153. going stag By Melissadam
154. prom By Melissadam
155. Blessings By Happy Go Lucky
156. faith By Melissadam
157. graduate By Melissadam
158. Cousins By Cinderella4282
159. Olympic Fanfare 2 By Boricuapr with twist
160. Truckin' (Happy Valentine's Day) By SonjaC
161. Choo Choo (Happy Valentine's Day) By SonjaC
162. Seahawk (Cricut) - Take 2 By SonjaC (with twist)
163. 12th Man Cupcakes (Cricut) By SonjaC
164. Your Smile By SonjaC
165. Family By SonjaC
166. Getting There is Half the Fun! By SonjaC
167. Our Joy By SonjaC
168. 11 of 52: These 3 Kiddos of Mine By Stopnstare07
169. kdg cutie By Melissadam
170. Chupacabra By Boricuapr
171. 1st grade By Melissadam
172. communion By Melissadam
173.-174. Guests By Scrapanda
175. Sons of Sylvia & Craig Morgan By Scrapanda
176. When you smile... By Scrapanda
177. So Lucky To Be Your Mom By Scrapanda
178. Country Girl By Cinderella4282
179. Christmas By Melissadam
180. 12 of 52: Toothless By Stopnstare07
181. 11 of 52: These 3 Kiddos of Mine By Stopnstare07
182. Lucky By ChansGram with twist
183. Kiss By Lpeeps
184. cute By Melissadam
185. 2nd grade By Melissadam
186.-187. Lake Charles, LA By Pink Spoonbill
188. Kiss the Cook By Njr007
189. Cutie Pie By Njr007
190. Birthday Girl By Njr007
191. Sweet love By Njr007
192. Cata By Njr007
193. Santa I Can Explain By Njr007
194. She's Got Style By Njr007
195. The stocking were hung... By Njr007
196. Make a Wish By Njr007
197. Easter Blessings By Njr007
198. Gifts! By Sewflake
199. Cat By Sewflake
200. Cat II By Sewflake
201. 4151527.html (Sewflake)
202. Aquarium of The Americas By Sewflake
203. Spring card By Tinadn
204. Hello Kitty Card By Julie101
205. Lake Yellowstone By Sewflake
206. Spring game! By Sewflake
207. Red, White, and Beautiful By Sewflake
208. With This Ring By Sewflake
209. 4151981.html (sewflake)
210. Trinity Grace By Nanasan
211. SAM By Dkscrapper
212. DS1 v-day card By Lamoo12
213. DS2 v-day card By Lamoo12
214. Cupcake ATCs By MarciLB
215. school days By Melissadam
216. parents By Melissadam
217. christmas By Melissadam
218. Happy Anniversary By Dkscrapper
219. Turbo Run By Sewflake
220. Spring Game at FSU By Sewflake
221.-222. Always and Forever By Sewflake
223. smile By Melissadam
224. I am 3-orange party By ChansGram
225. Queen for a day By Happy Go Lucky
226. Welcome Home By Scrapanda
227. photo op By Njr007
228. Pink card By Njr007
229. Window card By Njr007
230. Celebrate By Njr007
231. Happy Birthday By Njr007
232.-233. Haley 2008 By Charcats7
234. Sibling Love By ChansGram
235.-237. march By Melissadam
238. shamrocks By Melissadam with twist
239. family By Melissadam
240. Come Fly with Me By SonjaC
241. Busy (Birth)Day By SonjaC
242. Carrie Underwood By Scrapanda

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Im in!

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i'm in!

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i'll join in this time

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i would love to join in here!

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I'm in!

Anna C
Anna C 
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Anna C
In response to juanita_fl_f

I'm back for another round. Thanks for hosting Norma!

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I'm playing again too! Thanks Norma!!

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I'm in. Thanks so much for hosting Norma~

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Count me in!

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Me again, please!

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Me of course!!

happy go lucky
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happy go lucky
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Hope there's still room for me. I need to be REALLY motivated this month.

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I'm in again!!!!

Way to hit our goals in January!!!

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Updated to here.

Welcome Dawn and Juanita. Feel free to ask any questions, if I am not around my regulars will be glad to help.

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Now I wish I had a Cricut.

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Madeline you don't have to have one. Go over to Sandra's and use hers. Come and join. You know you want to!

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Oh I'm definitely in! Gotta use my new carts!

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Could me in please

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I'm in

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