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Show me how you use double sided paper without "just picking a side."

Ah Jenny
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Ah Jenny
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If I like both sides, I might cut the page in half or in diagonals and glue the pieces to a solid color sheet, so I can enjoy seeing each side. I don't have anything uploaded right now, so I can't show you an example right now.

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Here's an example where I cut the center out of a striped piece of patterned paper, put a grey cardstock square on it, then used the polka dot B-side of the striped paper for color blocking.

Easter 2013

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I am a lover of double sided paper. If one side is plain then I use that as a matting for my photo then I use the pattern under this. If both sides are pattern and I like I will use different sizes and layer.

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On my blog, I linked to a video from My Craft Channel: Looks like a great idea.

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Also, if I like both sides, I try to have elements where I put creases in so I can see both sides...I make elements that fold over.

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Double-sided paper is also great for projects or embellishments where both sides show i.e. mini albums. flaps, slider elements, boxes, gift card holders etc.

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Ms. Fit
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The two sides are usually color coordinated with compatible designs. You can fold a corner down over the side you want on top (adhere it down or tack it with a brad or eyelet or something else) or cut or tear a hole or "V" shape in it and then fold the edges of the opening back and insert a photo or whatever underneath the resulting opening. You can do this with an entire sheet or just a piece of it. I've seen some really nice LO's done like this.

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