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Username Post: April Cricut Challenge-Closed and scrapping        (Topic#1595089)
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Sign ups for the April Cricut challenge close on April 2nd at midnight CST

Please sign up for the challenge, participation will be limited to about 25 give or take a few.

All cricut projects are welcome to be posted here by participants for sharing ..... but 3 (three) projects are required to "complete" the challenge.

All projects MUST include something cut with your cricut .....please remember to let us know what cart you used!

April twist: label or frame

At the end of the month (April 30th) there will be a random drawing for a RAK from all participants who have completed the challenge (3 projects).
There will also be a drawing from everyone that completed a project with a twist

This is my birthday month and I love getting and giving gifts so this month the first RAK WILL BE a Cricut cartridge

Remember to save this thread to your favorites for easy access. And please CHECK IN at least once a week so I know you are still playing. IF I SEND YOU REPEATED PMS TO CHECK IN, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE THE FOLLOWING MONTH.

Norma (njr007)
1. Michelle (melissadam)
2. Sharon (sewflake)
3. Melanie (Lamoo12)
4. Trish (ChansGram)
5. Henva (stopnstare07)
6. Chris (Charris449)
7. Lisa (lpeeps)
8. Jennifer (cinderella4282)
9. Laura (lcmemories)
10. Amanda (scrapanda)
11. Tina (tinadn)
12. Deana (dlwj2)
13. Donna (dkscrapper)
14. Vickie (happy go lucky)
15. Pam (Pam in Tx)
16. Kristie (LotsToScrap)
17. Angela (ajsophios62)
18. Anna (AnnaC)
19. Linda (Boricuapr)
20. Sandra (nanasan)
21. Sonja (Sonja C)
22. Mandi (Brianna's mom)
23. Char (charcats)
24. Julie (julie101)
25. Courtney (newtoscrapping2011)
26. Ginger (Ginger H)
27. Becky (Aunt Jo)
28. Jen (Jen E)

completed 3 projects
completed a twist

1. easter By Melissadamwith twist
2. decorating eggs By Melissadam with twist
3. Alexandrea 2003 By Charris449 with twist
4. Day Dream By Sewflake
5. santa By Melissadam
6. With Gratitude By Charris449
7. where is the fire? By Melissadam
8. wave By Melissadam with twist
9.-10. Butterflies & Lady Bugs By Sewflake
11. Birthday princess By ChansGram with twist
12. lil cowpoke By Melissadam
13. Crazy hair day By ChansGram with twist
14. birhday By Melissadam
15. 16 By Melissadam
16. merry christmas By Melissadam
17. Cross Easter Card. For Cricut Challenge. Used Tags, Bags, Boxes and More for the Tag. By AuntJo with twist
18. Ewe Are Loved By AuntJo
19. Teddy Bear Bunnies By Julie101
20. easter By Melissadam
21. 22 of 52: The Shoes By Stopnstare07
22. First Swim By Newtoscrapping2011
23. Snow Baby By Dkscrapper
24. Ribbit By Dkscrapper
25. Cutest Little Pumpkin By Dkscrapper
26. oh no! By Dkscrapper
27. 4 generations By Dkscrapper
28. hello spring By Happy Go Lucky
29. another Mother's Day pop up box card By Charcats7
30.31. Harvest Blessings By Anna C
32. YOU Make Life Beautiful Everyday By Anna C
33. Happy Birthday By Briannasmom
34. 2nd grade By Briannasmom
35. blank By Briannasmom
36. I Do By Briannasmom
37. Happy Birthday By Briannasmom
38. Lilliam By Boricuapr with twist
39. Ayden By Scrapanda
40. Rick & Lori By Scrapanda
41. Circus By Scrapanda
42. Edward & Dongmei By Scrapanda with twist
43. looks good in hats By Melissadam
44. good morning sunshine By Melissadam
45. noel By Melissadam
46. rock on By Melissadam
47. Crocodile Tears By Sewflake
48. After The Tears By Sewflake
49. Wild By ChansGram
50. I love special moments with you By Scrapanda with twist
51. Cutting the cake By Scrapanda
52. 4184653.html (sewflake)
53. Best Mom By Dkscrapper
54. Happy Birthday By Dkscrapper
55. Playing Games By Charcats7
56. Thank You By Boricuapr
57. Adorable By Julie101
57. Future Allstar By SonjaC
58.-59. My Baptism (2pgr) By SonjaC
60. Best Day EVER! By SonjaC with twist
61. evidence? By Happy Go Lucky
62. Winters Butterflies By Sewflake
63. gift bag By Melissadam
64. book heaven By Melissadam
65. you drive me nuts! By Melissadam
66. maggie By Melissadam
67. Great Outdoors By Charcats7 with twist
68. Congratulations By Njr007
69. With Smpathy By Njr007
70. Sorry for your loss By Njr007
71. Hello By Njr007
72. All Boy By Charcats7
73. Welcome Spring By Charris449
74. easter By Melissadam with twist
75. big sister By Melissadam
76. play By Melissadam
77. My Love By Cinderella4282
78. The Memory of a Life Well Spent By Cinderella4282
79. 23 of 52: Sonshine By Stopnstare07
80.-81. Dog Days of Summer By Scrapanda
82. Hip Hip Hooray By Scrapanda
83.-84. My Favorite Photos By Charcats7
85. Brat's Birthday Card By Nanasan
86. Daly By Nanasan
87.-88. Here Comes the Bride By Scrapanda
89. None By Tinadn
90. so sweet By Melissadam
91. graduation By Melissadam with twist
92. graduation By Melissadam with twist
93. farm fresh By Melissadam
94. Bunny Easel Card By Julie101
95. Your Amazing By Sewflake with twist
96. Bonjour Bebe By Happy Go Lucky
97. Mom to be By Happy Go Lucky with twist

98. Happy Day By Happy Go Lucky
99. Baby Shower By Happy Go Lucky
100. no title By Happy Go Lucky
101. Party Time By Happy Go Lucky with twist
102. Pasaporte diplomatico By Boricuapr with twist
103. 8th grade By Melissadam
104. 11th grade By Melissadam
105. friend By Melissadam
106. Sister Act By Scrapanda
107. Bouquet & Garter Toss By Scrapanda
108. Shabby Altered Mouse Trap By AuntJo
109. Birthday Wishes By AuntJo
110. 9th grade By Melissadam
111. "For You" gift tag By LotsToScrap
112. Barbara McPeak - Color Two - Pretty Dresses By Charris449
113. Birthday- Greetings Earthling By Charcats7
114. Birthday card 4 my friend By Charcats7 with twist
115.-116. Think Grow Learn By Charcats7
117. me & you By Anna Cwith twist
118. First birthday By Tinadn
119. Make wish By Tinadn
120. Happy birthday By Tinadn
121. Little swimmer girl By ChansGram with twist
122. love you bunches By Melissadam
123. Pure Boy By Sewflake with twist
124.-125. alabama space & rocket center By Melissadam
126. Thinking of You By Anna C with twist
127. Tag - "T I M E" By Nanasan with twist
128. just chillin' By Happy Go Lucky
129. Monkey birthday By GingerH
130. 4193147.html (GingerH) with twist
131. 93149.html (GingerH)
132. Mom 2014 By GingerH
133. Love - for OWH By Charcats7
134. i adore you - for OWH By Charcats7
135. Oh Happy Day By Jen E
136. Cowboy Chow By Lpeeps
137. Love God, Love Others By Lpeeps
138. with love By Melissadam
139. Graduation sign in book By Tinadn
140. Good Day By Lcmemories
141. proud as a peacock By Melissadam
142.-143. chill out By Melissadam
144.-145. tweet By Melissadam
146. By The Sea Folders and Flowers By Pam In TX
147. Vintage Diecuts By Pam In TX
148.-149. wild thing By Melissadam
150. mothers and daughters By Happy Go Lucky
151. Belly Love By Happy Go Lucky with twist
152. Bloom By Boricuapr
153. Cousins By ChansGram
154. Oh Rats By ChansGram
155. roar By Melissadam
156. bear By Melissadam
157. easter egg hunt By Melissadam
158. monkey business By Melissadam
159.-160. Feel(ing) This Moment By Jen E with twist
161.-162. Picture Perfect By Charcats7
163. camel By Melissadam
164. welcome to the zoo By Melissadam
165. golf By Melissadam
166. Sunset By Lpeeps
167.-168. You Are My Happy By Charcats7
169.-170. Internationa Dress Days By Sewflake
171. 197437.html (tinadn)
172. Don't Eat the Yellow Snow By Boricuapr
173. Sweet Shop By Boricuapr
174. The Signal! By Lamoo12
175.-176. Growing old is mandatory.... By Scrapanda with twist
177. Table decoration By Tinadn
178. Feel This Moment By Scrapanda
179. Trash the Dress By Scrapanda
180.-181. The Ceremony By Scrapanda
182. He Said... By Scrapanda
183. Monkey By Cinderella4282
184. 2014 NSD Prep By Boricuapr
185. 2014 NSD Prep By Boricuapr
186. Thinking of You By Anna C
187. Blessed By Njr007
188. the Window By Njr007
189. Stencils By Njr007
190. Easter Name card By Njr007
191. Cricut Cuts #1 By Njr007
192. Cricut Cuts #2 By Njr007
193. Cricut Cuts #5 By Njr007
194. Cricut Cuts #3 By Njr007
195. Cricut Cuts #4 By Njr007
196. Grateful For My Crazy Life By Lcmemories
197. Thinking of You By Lcmemories with twist
198. FANdom Con 2013 By Sewflake
199. hanging out By Melissadam
200.-201. load the wagon By Melissadam
202. having fun By Melissadam
203. bunny faces By Melissadam
204. birds of a feather By Melissadam
205. Prom 2013 By Tinadn with twist
206. Bo Bunny Modern Miss Swap Items By Stopnstare07
207. flowers By Melissadam
208. critters By Melissadam
209. Birthday Pillow Box By LotsToScrap with twist
210. Raskog Cart for Project Life By LotsToScrap
211. what's in my purse? By Charcats7
212. Out for a Walk By Scrapanda
213. Trash the Dress Session By Scrapanda
214. Rebel Girl By Scrapanda
215.-216. painting with a twist By Melissadam
217. Love Today (Dad's Day) By SonjaC

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me me me!

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In response to melissadam


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In response to Sewflake

me again please.

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In response to Lamoo12

Me too ! Thanks.

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In response to ChansGram

I'm in!

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In response to stopnstare07

I'm in

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In response to Charris449

I'm in though I may be posting my projects later in the month. I have my room torn apart and am working on painting right now. I at least have the walls repaired and the primer done now I can't wait to get the color on and then I have to work on dh to get him to get my new furniture put in and the shelves up. That was my Christmas present. It's only taken 4 months to get to it! That's what going back to work and having teenagers has done to me!

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In response to lpeeps

Me please =)

I was out of town and missed sign ups last month.

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In response to lpeeps

Add me please. Thanks!!

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In response to lcmemories

Of course I am in!

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In response to Scrapanda

me too!

dlwj2 - Deana
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dlwj2 - Deana
In response to tinadn

I know I've fell off the grid but I'm back and would love to participate in the challenge. My grand baby arrived and I started a new job so I've been trying to get situated.

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I'm in of course!

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Sign me up!!!

happy go lucky
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happy go lucky
In response to dkscrapper

oh Please count me in!!!

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In response to happy go lucky

Caught up to here! Welcome ladies

Pam in TX
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Pam in TX
In response to njr007

I want to play again please

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In response to Pam in TX

Me please

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In response to njr007

I've dusted off my Cricut and would like to try this challenge.

Please add my name.

cheers Angela (ajsophios62)

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