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Hi! Everybody!

Been going through a lot of stress at the moment and spent a lot of money I maybe should not have on supplies for scrapbooking and papercrafting. I have made one layout so far. Don't actually have pictures, but making LOs are fun. I am a fine arts photographer who has lost their darkroom so don't really have a lot of "normal" pictures just laying around. I take tons of "normal" pictures, but they are digital. A printer is the next thing on my supply list. I got many different DCWV pads from work to get started. I am planing on getting the "timeless texture" paper pad and the new smooth stack of colored cardstock today as the 9.99 sale is over this week. I work at Jo-Ann's fabric and crafts! I am an avid hoarder of craft supplies. I just recently moved and have figured out I have way to much craft product and so little active projects. I have about 15 tall kitchen bags full of material and 3 or 4 totes of beads and other craft supplies. Adding to my splurge of stress retail therapy, have about 12 ebay orders coming of various embellishments. Got way to many rhinestones coming in those orders, but rhinestones are useful in a lot of areas. I also do nails and face painting which rhinestones are very useful. I know keep your scrapbook supplies in one area is like one of the top rules, but a lot of my supplies are for everything craft. Okay introduction rant over, on with your day

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Hello there Russetfox and welcome to this is forum fill of folks like you who love all sorts of crafts and who love to shop for supplies too.. a lot!

I keep all my crafting/hobby etc supplies in one room. Well except for some current needlework stuff. That way the crossover from craft to craft is encouraged and easier. Scrap stuff though dominates.

And I need to purge and reorganize make room for more.

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hello and welcome

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Welcome to the addiction! Come and chat in the General Scrapbooking and the Beginners' forum? It's busier there, and you'll get more responses. Enjoy the fun!

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