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Username Post: May Cricut Challenge-Closed and Scrapping        (Topic#1595879)
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Sign ups for the May Cricut challenge close on May 2nd at midnight CST

Please sign up for the challenge, participation will not be limited since we are celebrating NSD this month!

All cricut projects are welcome to be posted here by participants for sharing ..... but 3 (three) projects are required to "complete" the challenge.

All projects MUST include something cut with your cricut .....please remember to let us know what cart you used!

No Twist in May

At the end of the month (May 31st) there will be a random drawing for a RAK from all participants who have completed the challenge (3 projects).

In celebration of NSD the RAK WILL BE a CRICUTcartridge.
IF EVERYONE THAT SIGNS UP POSTS AT LEAST ONE PROJECT, I will give away an additional CRiCUT CARTRIDGE-there MUST be 100% participation!

Remember to save this thread to your favorites for easy access. And please CHECK IN at least once a week so I know you are still playing. IF I SEND YOU REPEATED PMS TO CHECK IN, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE THE FOLLOWING MONTH.

completed 1
completed at least 3

Norma (Njr007)
1. Michelle (melissadam)
2. Anna (Anna C)
3. Trish (ChansGram)
4. Lisa (lpeeps)
5. Melanie (Lamoo12)
6. Sharon (sewflake)
7. Sonja (SonjaC)
8. Tina (tinadn)
9. Vickie (Happy go lucky)
10. Donna (dkscrapper)
11. linda (boricuaPR)
12. Jen (JenE)
13. Terri (Pink Spoonbill)
14. Jennifer (cinderella4282)
15. Becky (Aunt Jo)
16. Julie (julie101)
17. Crystal (crystalmorse)
18. Char (charcats)
19. Amanda (scrapanda)
20. Monique (MSD)
21. Sandra (nanasan)
22. Courtney (newtoscrapping2011)
23. Laura (LCmemories)
24. cloverlady
25. Anissa (Memories4Ever)
26. Pam (Pan in Tx)
27. Noahsscrappymom

1. Olaf By Lamoo12
2. Lucky By ChansGram
3. Firetrucks By Lamoo12
4. Love You By Lamoo12
5. Love By Scrapanda
6. Soulful Eyes By Scrapanda
7. Family By Scrapanda
8. A Biltmore Sunset! By Sewflake
9. Captured By ChansGram
10.-11. Happy First Birthday Marri By Scrapanda
12. Discover By Tinadn
13. Selfie By Tinadn
14. Samba 2014 By Tinadn
15. Simple pleasures By ChansGram
16. High 5 By ChansGram
17. Chubby By ChansGram
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Photo Organizer By Njr007
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easter bunnies By Melissadam
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36. spoiled By Melissadam
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56. Listen to your Soul By Scrapanda
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59. Museum of Science & Industry {Chicago} By Lcmemories
60. Welcome to Panama By Pink Spoonbill
61.-62. Good-Bye Panama By Pink Spoonbill
63. KY By ChansGram
64. Greateful for the Simple Pleasures By Sewflake
65. Butterflies Are Free By Boricuapr
66. Workings of a Boy's Mind By Boricuapr
67.-68. Outdoor Adventures -and- Rest & Relaxation By Charcats7
69. My incredibles By Njr007
70. MDO By Njr007
7 Egg Hunt in Progress By Njr007
72. Every Day I am A Red Raider By Njr007
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Serenity By Njr007
75. K-9 Conundrum By Njr007
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84. graduate By Melissadam
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89. Playing in the sandbox By ChansGram
90. Let Me See By Cinderella4282
91. 2012 Pumpkin Patch By Sewflake
92.-95. misc cards By Melissadam
96. Dreams By Anna C
97. Happy Happy Happy By Sewflake
98. Thanks - Sketch #1 By Anna C
99. family By Melissadam
100. Just a Note By Anna C
101.-102. Lake Almanore - Pages of Me By Charcats7
103. Happy Mother's Day By Scrapanda
104. Cannonball By ChansGram
105. live out loud By Melissadam
106. Splash By Sewflake
107.-108. Cartagena, Colombia By Pink Spoonbill
109. Beach Day Fun By Sewflake
110. Birthday cake By Lamoo12
111. lighthouse 2 By Melissadam
112. Love of my Life By Cinderella4282
113. (Vintage) Family Day By Cinderella4282
114. Just the two of us By Scrapanda
115. Wedding card By Scrapanda
116. Cute Little Cotton Picker By Dkscrapper
117. Peace By Dkscrapper
118. Sweet Little Toes By Dkscrapper
119. look whoos here By Dkscrapper
120. Happy Mothers Day 2013 By Dkscrapper
121. Telling Funny Secrets By Dkscrapper
122. NO! I don't believe you can see through your eyelids! By Dkscrapper
123. Jump In! By Dkscrapper
124.-125. Monkey Island Tour, Panama By Pink Spoonbill
126. 4215261.html (sewflake)
127. loons By Melissadam
128.-129. California to Montana By Charcats7
130. When I watch my baby grow up.... By Scrapanda
131. the Moms By Scrapanda
132. Howdy! By Anna C
133.-136. christmas By Melissadam
137-140. christmas By Melissadam
141-143. christmas By Melissadam
144. Blossom and yummy sticks By Cloverlady
145. Log Bridges By Cloverlady
146.-147. 4201487.html (cloverlady)
148. KTM rider in the making By Tinadn
149. Beautiful By Njr007
150. Head for the Cure By Njr007
151. Best By ChansGram
152.-155. christmas By Melissadam
156. wheels By Melissadam
157. so fun By Melissadam
158. Yard Art By Sewflake
159. Blossom Queen of the trees By Cloverlady
160. Blossom - Swimming at the falls By Cloverlady
161. Summey Cove Trail By Cloverlady
162. 8th gr grad By Melissadam
163. 8th gr grad By Melissadam
164. Thank You By Njr007
165. Thanks By Njr007
166.-168. Thanks By Njr007
169.-170. Thanks By Njr007
171. Many Thanks By Njr007
172. It's a bugs life By ChansGram
173. Baby Shower By Happy Go Lucky
174. Belly Love By Happy Go Lucky
175. Party Time By Happy Go Lucky
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184.-186. 219795.html (tinadn)
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217. Senior picture By Tinadn
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224. aurora By Melissadam
225. dreams come true By Melissadam
226. Amusement Park By Dkscrapper
227. It's Slinky By Dkscrapper
228. Trick or Treat By Dkscrapper
229. Beware Trouble By Dkscrapper
230. Proudly Wearing The Air Force Parent Pin By Dkscrapper
231. Green Thing By Dkscrapper
232.-233. Jack Daniels Distillery, Lynchburg, TN By Charcats7
234.-235. Giants in Tiny Town By ChansGram
236.-237. chill out By Melissadam
238. Ancestral Lines By Boricuapr
239. Paper Blossoms By Sewflake
240. Lil Monsters Mattes By Pam In TX
241. Lil Monsters Lg Diecut By Pam In TX
242. Lil Monsters flowers By Pam In TX
243. Vintage Bliss By Pam In TX
244. Love & Hope By Sewflake
245. dust bunny swatter By AuntJo
246. Letters Swap By Memories4Ever
247. Oh girls... Snake! By Tinadn
248. Congratulations By Tinadn
249. Snug as a Pug in Bed By Dkscrapper
250. I'll Cry If I Want To By Dkscrapper
2 Land of the Free By Njr007
252.-253. Army Strong By Njr007
254. Ready to Pop By Njr007
255. Gift card holder By Njr007
256. Happy Birthday By Njr007
257. Happy Birthday By Njr007
258. pluto & goofy By Melissadam
259. nemo By Melissadam
260. Memories By Boricuapr
261. The Story (NSD mini album) By Happy Go Lucky
262.-263. The Story (NSD mini album) By Happy Go Lucky
264. The Story (NSD mini album) By Happy Go Lucky
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267. Guard Dog on Duty By Scrapanda
268. chip & dale By Melissadam
269. feeding the seals By Melissadam
270. Tropical Winters By Sewflake
271. Vroom By Tinadn
272. Cowgirl Up! By Sewflake
273. sea world By Melissadam
274. swim By Melissadam
275. wild thing By Melissadam
276. OWH blog hop By Lamoo12
277. under the sea By Melissadam
278. awesome By Melissadam
279. Foreheads Unite! By Sewflake
280.=281. A Little Slice of Summer By Charcats7
282. Spring LOTW 2014 By Pam In TX
283. Boating in Panama By Pink Spoonbill
284. album cover By Melissadam
285. Your future looks so bright By Njr007
286. Hannah By Njr007
287. Sunday Best By Njr007
288. mothers day By Melissadam
289-290. a great day outdoors By Melissadam
291.-292. welcome spring By Melissadam
293. Love {Eating} Apples - NSD Instascrap By SonjaC
294.-295. Boardwalkin' 2-Pages - NSD Cutouts By SonjaC
296. I will love you forever By Happy Go Lucky
297. Grad Card By Memories4Ever
298. zoo mini By Melissadam
299. zoo mini By Melissadam
300. zoo mini By Melissadam
301. zoo mini By Melissadam
302.-303. Merry Lil Elf By Sewflake
304. Dream By Scrapanda
305.-306. Capture the Moment By Scrapanda
307.-308. Memories By Scrapanda
309. Mickey Centerpieces By Newtoscrapping2011
310. Here Comes the Bride By Scrapanda
311. Super Cute By Scrapanda
312. mothers day By Melissadam
313.-314. anniversary By Melissadam
315. feelin' groovy By Melissadam
316. Mama By Lcmemories
317. Masculine birthday card By Jen E
318. Thanks a Latte By Lpeeps
319. Happy First Birthday! By SonjaC
320. BOO - NSD Instascrap By Noahsscrappymom
321. 4215865.html (noahscrappymom)
322. 4215875.html (noahscrappymom)
323. 4215889.h... (noahscrappymom)
324. 4215947.html (noahscrappymom)
324. 4215949.html (noahscrappymom)

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In response to njr007

ME ME ME !!!!

Anna C
Anna C 
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Anna C
In response to melissadam

And me2!

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In response to Anna C

And me!

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In response to ChansGram

I'm in.

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In response to lpeeps

i'm in again. please.

I plan to have my cricut working NSD too!

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In response to Lamoo12

I'm in too!!

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In response to Sewflake

I'm in again!

I plan on finishing my 3 on Saturday during NSD...

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In response to SonjaC

please count me in

happy go lucky
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happy go lucky
In response to tinadn

please count me in again.

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In response to happy go lucky

I'm in!

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In response to dkscrapper

I'm in!

Sharon - so glad to see you posted this morning -so worried about you!!! Hope you and your family/friends are safe and let us know if you need anything!!!

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In response to boricuapr

updated to here

Jen E
Jen E 
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Jen E
  • Jen E on 04-30-14 03:22 PM
In response to njr007

Me, me, me please!

Pink Spoonbill
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Pink Spoonbill
In response to Jen E

Hi All,

I have missed each and every one of you. Can I come back this month?

P.S. What did I miss last month?

Pink Spoonbill
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Pink Spoonbill
In response to Pink Spoonbill


I was thinking about you last night. 20 inches of rain. Good grief! I hope you are alright. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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In response to Pink Spoonbill

Hi terri! glad youre back!

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In response to melissadam

I want to play!!!

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In response to cinderella4282

I'm here again! Love the inspiration...and I need to take time to play!

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In response to AuntJo

Yes please

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