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Hey everybody! Anyone a fellow Jamberry Nails consultant? I just signed up a couple of weeks ago, but I'm loving it! Would love to connect with fellow Jamsisters who are also scrappers like me.

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I just spent my evening doing my second jamberry nails and all I can say is that I must need more practice! After the first set I ordered the manicure set and the heater to be sure I would have all the right tools but whew! I feel like I was just working for 2 hours--I'm totally exhausted!

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I'm intrigued, I'll admit. I don't believe we have jamberry nails in the UK.

How do they work? Are they self adhesive on the back? Are they soft like vinyl or like a false nail? What happens if your nails are a funny shape?

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They are softer like vinyl and they have a self adhesive backing but you need to heat them, apply them, and then apply pressure and heat some more.

I think it depends on what you mean by funny shape. My nails, for example, are curved more than average. I can wear them, but I have a harder time with wrinkles in the wrap and they take me an age to apply them. I know someone who's thumb nail is funny shaped in that she had an accident once and her thumb nail is kind of split on one side so her nail isn't level. She's not able to wear them on that nail.

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