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Username Post: :)September Cricut Challenge-Closed and Scrapping        (Topic#1598303)
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Sign ups for the September Cricut challenge close on September 2nd at midnight CST

Please sign up for the challenge, participation will be limited to 25 give or take a few

All cricut projects are welcome to be posted here by participants for sharing ..... but 3 (three) projects are required to "complete" the challenge.

All projects MUST include something cut with your cricut .....please remember to let us know what cart you used!

September twist: ANY animal

At the end of the month (September 30th) there will be a random drawing for a RAK from all participants who have completed the challenge (3 projects).

The first RAK (completing 3 projects) WILL BE a CRICUT cartridge.

All participants who add twist to any project will be place in a drawing for a second RAK

Remember to save this thread to your favorites for easy access. And please CHECK IN at least once a week so I know you are still playing. IF I SEND YOU REPEATED PMS TO CHECK IN, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE THE FOLLOWING MONTH.

Norma (njr007)
1. Vickie (happy go lucky)
2. Michelle (melissadam)
3. Trish (ChansGram)
4. Melanie (Lamoo12)
5. Anna (Anna C)
6. Sharon (Sewflake)
7. Mary Jene (Cloverlady)
8. Jen (Jen E)
9. Kristie (LotsToScrap)
10. Madeline (CroppingMadeline)
11. Char (Charcats7)
12. Anne (sassiescrapper)
13. Amanda (Scrapanda)
14. Donna (dkscrapper)
15. Anissa (Memories4Ever)
16. Pam (Pam in TX)
17. Sonja (Sonja C)
18. Dawna (Dawna.s Place)
19. Pam (fabricfrenzy)
20. Sandra (nanasan)
21. Linda (BoricuaPR)
22. Tinda (tinadn)
23. (kdinsmore)
24. (Tropical scrapper)
25. Denielle( Denielle.c.podraza)

completed 3 projects
one project with the twist

1. east meets west By Melissadam
2. from one tree By Melissadam
3. smile & laugh By Melissadam
4. Best Wishes By Dkscrapper
5. Sea Escape By Sewflake
6. traditional meal By Melissadam
7. margarita night By Melissadam
8. 4th of July & School Letters By Memories4Ever
9. Thank You By Memories4Ever
10. New Puppy By Njr007
11. tree #2 By Njr007
12. tree #3 By Njr007
13. I Love You because (repurposed frame) By Charcats7
14. Laced w/New Fallen Snow By Charcats7
15. Let It Snow By Charcats7
16. #1 fan By Melissadam
17. mothers day By Melissadam
18.-19. armada fair By Melissadam
20. Happy valentines Day 2014 By Cloverlady
21. Happy Easter 2014 By Cloverlady
22. Easter Bunny Photos 2014 By Cloverlady
23. My little lady By ChansGram
24. Elf By Njr007
25. Christmas 2013 By Njr007
26. grad By Melissadam
27. camp fire By Melissadam
28. I heart bike rides By Melissadam
29. My Smile By Sewflake
30. 5162581.html (cloverlady)
31. Frog Hunting By Cloverlady
32. 100% boy Copper By Cloverlady
33. Today I am Thankful for.... By Charcats7
34. Babies right By Boricuapr
35. Babies left By Boricuapr
36.-37. Christmas Fiesta By Njr007
38. Happy Holidays By Njr007
39. 25 By Njr007
40. Joy By Njr007
41. Noel By Njr007
42. lola rocks By Melissadam
43. If the crown fits By ChansGram
44. Clowin around By ChansGram
45. Wedding By Tinadn
46. Acting Crazy By Tinadn
47. Cheeky monkey By Tinadn
48. sky By Melissadam
49.-50. the great outdoors By Melissadam
51. Old Barn By Anna C
52. Wedding Card By Memories4Ever
53. the summer of '65 By Happy Go Lucky
54. From Our Family to Yours By Sewflake
55. fright this way By Happy Go Lucky
56. Little monkey toes By Happy Go Lucky
57. The Crow Family Observes By Scrapanda
58.-59. You're my end and my beginning By Scrapanda
60. Play Time By Sewflake
61. Think Pink! By Anna C
62. Play Time By Sewflake
63. Witchy woman By ChansGram
64. Fabulous smile By ChansGram
65. fathers day By Melissadam
66. puzzled By Melissadam
67. congrats By Melissadam
68. so proud By Melissadam
69.-70. Adventure Awaits By Sewflake
71.-72. Surf, Sun, Sand By Sewflake
73. Pirate Puppy By Scrapanda
74.-75. air show By Melissadam
76. Photographed today By ChansGram
77. How was your day? By Charcats7
78. Family By Scrapanda
79. It's fun being a kid By ChansGram
80. deck the halls By Melissadam
81. eastern mkt By Melissadam
82.-83. REO speedwagon By Melissadam
84. Merry Christmas wine gift cards By Charcats7
85. Repurposed Frames- Today's Goal By Charcats7
86. Repurposed Frames- I love you because By Charcats7
87. Repurposed Frames- Today By Charcats7
88. Repurposed Frames- To Do Today By Charcats7
89. Repurposed Frames- Notes By Charcats7
90. Repurposed Frames- Menu By Charcats7
91. Seth's Zoobook By CroppinMadeline
92.-93. Seth and the turtles & rhinos! By CroppinMadeline
94. Birthday card for friend By CroppinMadeline
95. Deck the Halls By Njr007
96. Happy Holidays By Njr007
97. Have a Very Merry Christmas By Njr007
98. Tis the Season By Njr007
99. Let it Snow By Njr007
100. Tis the Season By Njr007
101. Happy Birthday By Njr007
102. Happy Birthday By Njr007
103. Merry & Bright By Njr007
104. December 24 By Njr007
105. Holiday Snapshot By Njr007
106. In the Army By Njr007
107. Sugar & Spice By Njr007
108. Times to remember By Njr007
109. Always Chic By Njr007
110. christmas By Melissadam
111. tree By Melissadam
112. Joy By Happy Go Lucky
113. Ho ho ho By Happy Go Lucky
114. Carefree By Scrapanda
115. Feel the Beat By Njr007
116. fence By Melissadam
117. witch By Melissadam
118.-119. halloween By Melissadam
120. pink out the park By Melissadam
121. pink out the park By Melissadam
122. First car By Njr007
123. Bills fans By Lamoo12
124.-125. Whale card & bag By Sassiescrapper
126. Birthday Blessings By Jen E
127. fall By Melissadam
128. fall banner By Melissadam
129. amore By Melissadam
130. miss you By Melissadam
131. Last Work Shop By Scrapanda
132. All Packed Up By Scrapanda
Goodbyes By Scrapanda1
134-135. Last Day By Scrapanda
136. Warm Fall Wishes By Anna C
137. Years End By Sewflake
138. FSU By Sewflake
139. mittens By Njr007
140. hi! By Anna C
141. Eek, Shriek & Be Scary By Anna C
142. happy halloween By Dkscrapper
143. Happy Halloween By Dkscrapper
144. BOO! By Dkscrapper
145. Beach Run By Sewflake
146. menu frame By Charcats7
147. You are my Sunshine - Baby Mini Album By Charcats7
148.-149. You are my Sunshine - Baby Mini Album By Charcats7
150.-151. You are my Sunshine - Baby Mini Album By Charcats7
152.-153. You are my Sunshine - Baby Mini Album By Charcats7
154.-155. You are my Sunshine - Baby Mini Album By Charcats7
156.-157. You are my Sunshine - Baby Mini Album By Charcats7
158.-159. You are my Sunshine - Baby Mini Album By Charcats7
160. summer swap By Pam In TX
161. I love fall title By Pam In TX
162. NYLOTW By Pam In TX
163. NYLOTW By Pam In TX
164. NYLOTW By Pam In TX
165. Happy Birthday By Dkscrapper
166. Explore- print then cut feature By ChansGram
167. Sweet Little One By Happy Go Lucky
168. Owl always love you By Happy Go Lucky
169.-170. Elephant card, gift bag, and diaper cake By Sassiescrapper
171. Happy Birthday...You Make me Smile By Jen E
172. Banana Boat By Sewflake
173. Winter program By Sewflake
174. My lil Elf By Sewflake
175. Brown Is Here Too By Sewflake
176. Small World By Sewflake
177.-178. Love 2 Learn By Sewflake
179.-180. Elf & Me By Sewflake
181.-182. Christmas Musical By Sewflake
183.-185. Halloween wine gift tag/cards By Charcats7
186.-187. Birthday wine gift tag/cards By Charcats7
188. Thinking of You pop up card By Charcats7 Thinking of You pop up card By Charcats7
189.-190. See You Soon By Sewflake
191. All Ears By LotsToScrap
192. The Castle By LotsToScrap
Cinderella's Castle By LotsToScrap
194. Oh baby By Happy Go Lucky
195. kiss me right here By Happy Go Lucky
196. family By Happy Go Lucky
197. Ben and I By Scrapanda
198. September Cricut Challenge w/twist By Nanasan
199. ~together~ wedding card By Jen E
200.-201. Happy Holidays By Dkscrapper
202. September Cricut Challenge By Nanasan
203. September Cricut Challenge By Nanasan
204. Just Hanging Out By Jen E
205. Read By Njr007
206. Happy Holidays By Njr007
207. Noel By Njr007
208. Merry Christmas By Njr007
209. Gingerbread Man tags By Njr007
210. Ho Ho Ho tags By Njr007
211. 25 tags By Njr007
212. Whoo's Hungry By Kdinsmore
213. owl shower invites By Kdinsmore
214. Our little hoot sign By Kdinsmore
215.-216. 5183137.html (Tropical Scrapper)
217. 06891&m=view&id=5 183139&type=-1&si ze=0 (Tropical Scrapper)
218.-219. /5183133/-1/0/0.html
220. /5183131/-1/0/0.html (Tropical Scrapper)
219. We Do By Boricuapr
220. Birthday Gift Card By Memories4Ever

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happy go lucky
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happy go lucky
In response to njr007

Norma - please count me in again.

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In response to happy go lucky

Im in! Thanks for hosting!

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In response to melissadam

I'm playing along too, thanks for the awesome host !

Posts: 20817
Joined: 08-06-07
In response to ChansGram

With school starting I won't be overly chatty, but I'm determined to keep scrapping! me please.

Anna C
Anna C 
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Anna C
In response to Lamoo12

I'm in again for September. Norma you are definitely the hostess with the mostest!

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In response to Anna C


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In response to Sewflake

I am in again!

Jen E
Jen E 
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Jen E
  • Jen E on 08-31-14 08:45 AM
In response to Cloverlady

sign me up please! thank you

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In response to Jen E

updated to here

Posts: 5748
Joined: 02-26-09
In response to njr007

More Disney pages to come for me! Lots of princess pages left to complete:)
Thanks for continuing to host Norma!!!

Posts: 7854
Joined: 12-03-05
In response to LotsToScrap

Gonna try to get in the swing again this month. Count me in please.

Posts: 25865
Joined: 05-23-11
In response to CroppinMadeline

I'll be here Thanks for being such a great host Norma

Posts: 1967
Joined: 07-15-08
In response to charcats7

Hi Norma - I would like to play again. I have a baby shower I'll be attending so I'm sure I'll be making a card.

Thank you!!

Posts: 30518
Joined: 05-31-13
In response to sassiescrapper

I am definitely in! So glad the cord was all that needed to be replaced on my Cricut!

Posts: 29797
Joined: 06-01-06
In response to Scrapanda

I'm in!

Posts: 4482
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In response to dkscrapper

I'm in, please!

Pam in TX
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Pam in TX
In response to Memories4Ever

I'm here again

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In response to Pam in TX

Added up to here....

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Joined: 11-03-08
In response to njr007

Hoping I can get in again since I plan to have much more scrappy time this month!

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