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Posted on: Monday, 24 January 2011, 2:32pm
Comment by: toofclnr

Thanks Ang!!! i'm a bit late, but YOU TOO!!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 22 December 2010, 2:30pm
Comment by: Angelica

Hello Tara! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and scrappy new Year!

Posted on: Monday, 21 June 2010, 5:56pm
Comment by: toofclnr

yep, Candy, still around, however, i, like you don't get much time with the twins around lately to scrap...but i do peek in erevery once in a while... glad to see you back at it

Posted on: Monday, 24 May 2010, 12:17pm
Comment by: TripletMomS

Hey there! After a long hiatis I have picked up my zig pen and returned to my long time love of scrappin'! I am re-learning how to use this site and cleanin' house.... so if you are still around and active, drop me a note ;) Candy

Posted on: Tuesday, 29 December 2009, 4:04pm
Comment by: Rosjen

I wish you and your family Happy New Year and a fantastic scrapping-year!! Love, Jannike

Posted on: Thursday, 24 December 2009, 7:25pm
Comment by: toofclnr

Merry Christmas to you all!!!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 December 2009, 5:15pm
Comment by: Angelica

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a loving New Year!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 16 December 2009, 7:39pm
Comment by: Mo_N_Jo

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

Posted on: Thursday, 15 October 2009, 8:26am
Comment by: klpennington

Your gallery is very cute!! Your children are even cuter :)

Posted on: Friday, 11 September 2009, 8:33pm
Comment by: LAFScrapFanatic

Stopping by to say hello! It's been months since I've been able to check in. I'm loving your new layouts. Have a wonderful weekend!

Posted on: Wednesday, 5 August 2009, 1:19pm
Comment by: Miranda_77

Your gallery is wonderful.

Posted on: Wednesday, 17 June 2009, 7:04pm
Comment by: toofclnr

THANKS so much cant stop... he your screename!!!

Posted on: Sunday, 14 June 2009, 11:05pm
Comment by: cantstopscrappin

your gallery is amazing!

Posted on: Saturday, 9 May 2009, 1:12pm
Comment by: chi mom

Just wishing you a very happy Mother's Day!

Posted on: Friday, 1 May 2009, 8:30pm
Comment by: toofclnr

he hehehhe.... i know!!! i addicted!!! now i just need to buy it ALL! :) they are great, growing and getting teeth!!! fun! how is your doll?? adorable as always i see!!!

Posted on: Friday, 1 May 2009, 6:55pm
Comment by: Angelica

LOL..this feed thingy let me see that you added a bunch of Prima to your wish list ..loL!! Look out your addicted!! Miss you!! How are the twins??

Posted on: Friday, 1 May 2009, 6:41pm
Comment by: toofclnr

oh i like this feed thing!!!! fun!

Posted on: Friday, 1 May 2009, 6:39pm
Comment by: toofclnr

i know!!!!! i NEED!!!!! lol

Posted on: Friday, 1 May 2009, 6:20pm
Comment by: Scrapbuknut

Love your newest wish list items! :)

Posted on: Saturday, 11 April 2009, 11:41pm
Comment by: TripletMomS

May God's greatest blessing be yours, hope you have a fantastic Easter ;)

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