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Posted on: Wednesday, 23 December 2009, 12:14pm
Comment by: ScrappyHeather

Just stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Posted on: Thursday, 21 May 2009, 2:32am
Comment by: Allisonaussie

g'day just popping in hope all is well lol alli

Posted on: Thursday, 7 May 2009, 5:25am
Comment by: blushpea

Just wandering around & thought I'd stop by to say heya. Almost the weekend... hang in there! Happy Scrapping to ya. :)

Posted on: Thursday, 12 March 2009, 10:48pm
Comment by: ScrappyHeather

What happened?? Did I miss something?? I hope all is ok.

Posted on: Thursday, 12 March 2009, 1:24pm
Comment by: Mom to the Boys

wow where did all your pics go?

Posted on: Friday, 6 March 2009, 6:58am
Comment by: mojoprice

TGIF!! Have a fantastic weekend. Hope you feel better soon!!

Posted on: Monday, 23 February 2009, 6:25am
Comment by: mojoprice

Happy Monday!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 11 February 2009, 6:51am
Comment by: mojoprice

Enjoy your week!! I think it's GREAT that Bob is following along with you. Maybe this will be a new way of life for both of you. Hang tough. You are doing GREAT!! Burn, baby, burn!!!!! LOL!! Hugs, MJ

Posted on: Monday, 2 February 2009, 7:35am
Comment by: mojoprice

Have a great week, Shan!! May your points be filling and each bit satisfying. I love you!! HUGS, MJ

Posted on: Sunday, 18 January 2009, 11:20pm
Comment by: mojoprice

I'm so glad to see you are back with us, babe!! I missed you. Hope you have a good week. Hugs, MJ

Posted on: Sunday, 18 January 2009, 3:32pm
Comment by: FizzieLizzie

Um... you watch lost?!?! I love sawyer!

Posted on: Friday, 9 January 2009, 6:43am
Comment by: mojoprice

Hey hot mama!! Way to go on the weight loss this week. Keep up the GREAT work!!

Posted on: Monday, 5 January 2009, 1:00am
Comment by: mojoprice

I like your new avatar. It totally reminds me of a store we have in BG that's all country. My mom is VERY MUCH a country type of decorator, so reminds me of her. Have a great Monday!! I love you. Hugs, MJ

Posted on: Sunday, 4 January 2009, 12:48pm
Comment by: mojoprice

It's a little late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope 2009 is a GREAT one for you!!

Posted on: Monday, 29 December 2008, 7:54pm
Comment by: Scrapbknnapa

OMG, LOVE your new pic. You look gorgeous. Great!!!! Thanks for the Christmas card btw....very sweet of you! Hope you had a nice Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Posted on: Monday, 22 December 2008, 11:30am
Comment by: mojoprice

LOVE the new avatar. We just watched this movie the other night. Told the kids "it's a classic." Michael and I were laughing our butts off. Love you, babe!! Hope you have a fun and warm holiday. Hugs, MJ

Posted on: Monday, 22 December 2008, 9:39am
Comment by: ScrappyHeather

Shannon, from my family to your... May you have a very Merry Chirstmas and a happy, healthy, loving and scrappy New Year! ~Heather

Posted on: Wednesday, 10 December 2008, 6:41am
Comment by: mojoprice

Thank you for the comments on the pics in my gallery. We sure had fun taking family pics. It's been a long while. Michael and I hadn't had pics taken together since I was pregnant with Wyatt. It was something we really needed to do. I hope you are all feeling better soon. Take care of yourself. I love you. Hugs, MJ

Posted on: Monday, 8 December 2008, 1:28pm
Comment by: FizzieLizzie

Feel better soon!!

Posted on: Friday, 5 December 2008, 10:56pm
Comment by: DKravec

Thanks for stopping by my gallery today. I also notice that you have a little furbaby. Very cute picture of him/her in the snow. Don't they become such a huge part of your life.

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