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Posted on: Thursday, 4 August 2011, 3:32am
Comment by: thinkpink22

Hi Kelly! I really am missing you on the thread! Hope all is okay! I LOVED meeting you irl! Drop in sometime and let us know how you are! Big hugs!

Posted on: Friday, 20 May 2011, 12:52am
Comment by: RachelUK

Hi Kelly - how are things? Missing you, and interested to know how everything was once you got home! Rachel x

Posted on: Saturday, 23 April 2011, 4:16pm
Comment by: lynnde

I've been missing you on the thread.. and I hope things with your mom straighten out real soon. Prayers for you my dear... Thanks so much for the love on the page I made for you. I'm so happy that you like it!! Have a happy Easter!

Posted on: Friday, 22 April 2011, 9:41pm
Comment by: lynnde

Thanks so much for the gallery love! :)

Posted on: Monday, 4 April 2011, 8:16pm
Comment by: lynnde

just stopping in to give you big hugs... just because!

Posted on: Thursday, 31 March 2011, 4:39pm
Comment by: lynnde

Hi Big Sis!! Thank you so much for everything!! I received my package tonight and I am so thrilled.. it's full of wonderful goodies.. you have gone over and above and have made me feel extra special with things I'd never get for myself.. and I thank you for that.. it means alot! *hugs*

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 February 2011, 12:48pm
Comment by: lynnde

THANKS a bunch for the love!!!! Have a wonderful afternoon!!

Posted on: Sunday, 20 February 2011, 6:59pm
Comment by: Kellys big sister

Just dropping by to wish you a very happy week. Stay nice and warm!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 30 December 2010, 6:17pm
Comment by: ssistokk

I'm so excited to be your big sister this round!

Posted on: Wednesday, 29 September 2010, 1:46pm
Comment by: kellys sister

Hello Kelly! I hope that you are having a fantastically great day! I am so glad I got you for a little sister and I am hoping that it goes great...I'm so excited to do a swap

Posted on: Sunday, 26 September 2010, 4:15pm
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hi, just stopped in to say hello and look in your gallery. trying to get caught up to everyone.
god bless and hugs, joan

Posted on: Thursday, 16 September 2010, 7:28pm
Comment by: Rosita

Happy Birthday!

Posted on: Saturday, 10 July 2010, 9:37am
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hello . hope you are having a wondrful weekend. left some hugs in your gallery. also love th gifts you sent to me. than you sweetie. iposted thse yesterday. hugs. joan

Posted on: Wednesday, 26 May 2010, 5:36pm
Comment by: blushpea

I adore those flowers in your gallery! I'm guessing it was a swap? All of you are lucky recipients! :)

Posted on: Monday, 24 May 2010, 10:15pm
Comment by: KatieElise

Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for the sweet comment... and... you are very welcome!!!!!!!!!! :) I'm glad you like them!!!!! :D

Posted on: Friday, 7 May 2010, 11:32pm
Comment by: Sassy Suzi

Thanks for the love on my flowers. I had fun making them and it was good to have a supply on hand when I made a card today.

Posted on: Sunday, 11 April 2010, 7:46pm
Comment by: DKravec

You were asking about my white drawers with the cutout handles that I have in my scraproom. I picked those up at IKEA. They are the ultimate drawers but what a real pain to put together. And still I would pick up more. lol

Posted on: Tuesday, 30 March 2010, 5:52pm
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hi kay, love the new flowers, so creative, and beautiful.
have a nice day, god bless and hugs, joan

Posted on: Monday, 29 March 2010, 9:03am
Comment by: mtmcmillen

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

Posted on: Thursday, 11 March 2010, 2:21pm
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hello kay,
just stopped in for a visit, and saw your gallery , really awesome cards. and the inchies, never made those before but have to try those, left some hugs for you, have a nice evening, god bless and hugs.

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