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Posted on: Wednesday, 27 June 2007, 12:38am
Comment by: horse-withnoname

Hello, welcome to the neighborhood! , New friends, new ideas, blog, scrap

I welcome comments on my gallery and my place, and of course new friends! (Just click on “Add to my friends” follow thru, and I will follow through on my end! I would like to be your friend. I get an email each time you post an image to your gallery or post a blog if you have made the selection to be my friend. It is hard for me now to just go to the gallery and look as I take care of my friends first!

I can't do it" never yet accomplished anything: "I will try" has accomplished wonders.
- George P. Burnham


Posted on: Tuesday, 26 June 2007, 8:02pm
Comment by: scrappintlc

Welcome to the neighborhood. Enjoy :)

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