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Posted on: Saturday, 1 September 2012, 6:55pm
Comment by: scrapsnstuf

Hi, thx for stopping by! Natalie

Posted on: Thursday, 21 June 2012, 7:30am
Comment by: GMFTS

Love that avi: Eva's expression is too cute

Posted on: Monday, 7 May 2012, 8:52am
Comment by: rubymillerand

thank you so much for posting those RV storage pics. I've got alot of ideas and alot more questions to ask!!!

Posted on: Sunday, 8 January 2012, 7:42am
Comment by: GMFTS

Kristi, it's so cool that we are both finally getting back here...thanks so much for all the sweet comments especially on the Advent Calendar..made my week!

Posted on: Friday, 6 January 2012, 10:42pm
Comment by: helbert

Hey Kristi!!!! Loving all your latest cards!! Hope 2012 is treating you good so far!!!

Posted on: Saturday, 15 October 2011, 10:49pm
Comment by: helbert

Thanks so much Kristi!!! Love when you visit!

Posted on: Tuesday, 4 October 2011, 6:20am
Comment by: placktorin

Kristie, thanks so much for the gallery love, I sure do appreciate it!! Hope all is well with you, sure do hope you will be posting again!!!!! Miss you!! Have a great week. Big hugs, Peggy

Posted on: Tuesday, 28 June 2011, 9:29am
Comment by: helbert

Hey! How are you? Haven't seen you around for a while. Hope all is well!

Posted on: Tuesday, 26 April 2011, 10:30pm
Comment by: AuntJo

Hi there! Thanks so much for the gallery visit! I appreciate it!

Posted on: Tuesday, 22 February 2011, 11:37am
Comment by: helbert

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kristie!!!!!! Hope you get spoiled rotten!!!!!!

Posted on: Saturday, 22 January 2011, 5:09pm
Comment by: LeahMartin

Yes, scraplift away! Thank you for your comment! :]

Posted on: Monday, 27 December 2010, 10:09pm
Comment by: helbert

Hey Kristie!!!! Hope you had a nice Christmas with your loved ones & I wish nothing but the very best for you, your dh who is serving our country (God bless him) & your sweet litttle one in 2011!!
big hugs,

Posted on: Thursday, 4 November 2010, 7:14pm
Comment by: michellescraps

hugs, hugs, hugs! thanks for all the love in my gallery! and when are we gonna see some new stuff in yours!

Posted on: Sunday, 31 October 2010, 9:06pm
Comment by: helbert

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, cute new avatar!!! Hope you're having a fun Halloween!!

Posted on: Monday, 4 October 2010, 8:00am
Comment by: michellescraps

oh, i loooooove your new tags! they are sooo pretty!! now, i want to see those tags on a lo- LOL

Posted on: Sunday, 19 September 2010, 10:46pm
Comment by: helbert

Thanks so much Kristi!!! I so enjoyed your visit!!! Lovin' all your new creations!!!
Hope you have a great week!!

Posted on: Thursday, 9 September 2010, 8:53am
Comment by: ShaylaCreations

oh Love it! so now I know where you lo's and cards are lol!!
You are really doing great on that DT, you also make me want to order from there! I am looking at all the locks and keys now lol!! they look so cute on your lo's and that teacup card!! I am retired from card making but I may make a few just to use some charms! If they have a notes section aafter I place my order I am going to mention you as the reason for my visit.
I am also going to ask around about the personal notes thing, can you see I wrote you there? or is that just notes I can write about you, like "amazing card maker" I want to know what it's for, I am curious!
Well I hope you have a great day and I will start spying on your gallery there!

Posted on: Wednesday, 8 September 2010, 11:22am
Comment by: ShaylaCreations

Hey Kristi!!! Thanks for stopping by! It was good to hear from you :) How do you like your new place?? please tell me you took pics! I would love to see it!
We have a lot of catching up to do!! PM me whenever you get a chance I'll be here :D

Ok I wrote that a little while ago but for some reason it was in personal notes lol! I don't even know what that is!

Posted on: Tuesday, 24 August 2010, 4:46pm
Comment by: IzzyB

Thanks so much for your sweet words on my layout, Beach Bum. I appreciate that so much! ~ Izzy

Posted on: Monday, 28 June 2010, 9:53am
Comment by: helbert

Hey Kristi! Thanks a bunch for the visit & kind words! I haven't done much with the Cricut at all, in fact haven't scrapped much for that matter. As far as lifting my sympathy card goes.................. I'd be honored!!! Go for it girl!
I will definately keep your s-i-l in my prayers! God bless him!
Mt dgd (13 yrs old) is coming over this week & we're going to make strawberry jam! I'm really looking forward to having her here!
Have a great week !!!!

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