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Posted on: Friday, 16 November 2012, 5:40pm
Comment by: CAROLA LOWE

I found your review on the Vagabond helpful but was wondering how does it emboss? I already have a Cameo and want an embossing machine. I like the electric part of the Vagabond. Can offer anymore insight on the embossing aspect of the Vagabond? Thank you.

Posted on: Sunday, 22 January 2012, 11:14am
Comment by: reneabouquets

Thanks you for coming by for reveal, and commenting on my "Tropical Paradise" layout! I love to paint and really enjoyed creating that background, so thank you for the luvies!! ~Renea

Posted on: Monday, 9 January 2012, 11:06am
Comment by: KellyCreates

Hi there! Thanks so much for your kind comment on my Fragments lo. That page means so much to me :) Cheers, Kelly

Posted on: Sunday, 27 November 2011, 12:02am
Comment by: katiemylady

Hey Virginia! I found you through your quite funny Vagabond review :) I knew other people loved Tim Holtz, but...seriously I will buy anything with his name on it! Even if I have no clue what it is or what it does LOL. CAN'T. GET. ENOUGH. TIM! So I thought I'd say hello to a fellow groupie :)

Posted on: Tuesday, 1 November 2011, 6:12pm
Comment by: D Fern

Hi Virginia, thank's for dropping by my gallery and leaving my some luv! I really do appreciate it!! Hugs!!

Posted on: Thursday, 27 October 2011, 9:26am
Comment by: Cricut OCD

Thanks for the kind comment on my lo! Love all your decos!! Have a great day, Rochelle

Posted on: Monday, 26 September 2011, 11:31am
Comment by: helbert

Thanks so much for the visit!

Posted on: Thursday, 2 June 2011, 10:27am
Comment by: reneabouquets

Thanks to everyone who visited my gallery and for all the beautiful, heartfelt comments on my "One Man's Trash Was My Treasure" layout, that so many of you left for Daisy and me. I am truely in awe of all the kind hearts and beautiful souls that I call friends, here at I want each one of you to know what a wonderful and healing week this has been for me, due to the support of each one of you who touched my life with your sweet words. I can just see Daisy smiling with that big mug of hers and her tail just a wagging for all the love that has been sent her way!! ~With Huge Thankgiving, Renea

Posted on: Wednesday, 27 April 2011, 9:32pm
Comment by: ScrappininMemphis

You are so right...I do need some final pics of my scraproom. I will work on getting some new pics taken. - Laurie

Posted on: Wednesday, 20 April 2011, 7:03pm
Comment by: tricia07

Awe thank you! I want the doors that have glass in them so we can still see it but the main purpose is to keep the kids out lol!!! I love your room! I so wish I had a closet in mine!!! Have a GREAT night!

Posted on: Thursday, 24 February 2011, 10:33am
Comment by: kajunkat

Thanks for taking the time to view and comment on my room. I love to organize it is addicting to me. My family teases me so much about it. It use to bother me but I dont care any more. It is who I am. I cant wait to get in there and scrap. But anyway thanks again for all the lovely comments. Cant wait to check out your gallery. kajunkat (Mary)

Posted on: Saturday, 15 January 2011, 2:35pm
Comment by: Scrapingbliss

Thanks for the info! I'll be checking that out!

Posted on: Sunday, 4 July 2010, 4:36pm
Comment by: S.Baker

Congratulations on your new Gbaby how exciting to have a lil one, I can't wait till I become a gma. My weekend is going great dh and I are homeb's so we really don't do much we went for a 2hr. long walk yesterday and today we haven't decide what to do yet, He doesn't like gatherings too much, we don't have family here only a few aquointences and people from his work that he really is not interested in seeing on his days off *=] and I understand and that is fine with me I stay busy with my home and my sbooking(thank God for that.) He stays busy with his mcycles and surfing the web, Hope you and your family are enjoying yourselfs. See you around and thank you for the comment on my self potraits, most of the time I have to coach people on how to take my photo oh except hubbie he is good with the camera. *=] TTYL can't wait to see some more of the wine tags.

Posted on: Tuesday, 4 May 2010, 11:30am
Comment by: minka-kat

Hey good luck in your new vneture!! :)

Posted on: Wednesday, 28 April 2010, 11:17am
Comment by: ScrappininMemphis

Hi there. I was checking out your scraproom. It is similar to what mine is going to be. I have gotten all of my stuff back into my room, I just don't have the doors on yet. The guy who built my cabinets made all 16 doors too I am waiting on him to remake and repaint them. So I haven't taken new pictures. I guess I should do that so everyone can see my organized mess before I get the doors on :) Laurie

Posted on: Tuesday, 27 April 2010, 4:55pm
Comment by: jenniferjfletcher

So glad you liked the TH hanging sign card!! jen

Posted on: Tuesday, 20 April 2010, 3:45pm
Comment by: S.Baker

Thank you for your comment on my avi photo,this is the most recent photo of me My hubby took it last week when we went to Maui for our anniversary. *=)

Posted on: Tuesday, 6 April 2010, 7:51pm
Comment by: helbert

That's a great idea to empty a bottle just to have one to decorate!!! Wish I was there to share it with you!!!

Posted on: Sunday, 7 February 2010, 8:35am
Comment by: placktorin

Morning, I LOVE these papers, such beautiful rich colors and patterns!! Thanks for your sweet comment, always a pleasure to read. Enjoy the papers!! Have a great week, Peggy

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 December 2009, 11:26pm
Comment by: kygirlnfla

Ms Virginia....wishing you a Scrap Happy Holiday Season! Sheila

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