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Posted on: Tuesday, 29 December 2009, 3:48pm
Comment by: Rosjen

I wish you and your family Happy New Year and a fantastic scrapping-year!! Love, Jannike

Posted on: Wednesday, 24 December 2008, 7:51am
Comment by: Gr8babegurl

Julie - Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Posted on: Wednesday, 5 November 2008, 12:26pm
Comment by: Gr8babegurl

Ok - I got tagged, so I'm tagging you.... Check out my blog.

Hope all is well Julie - Haven't seen you around as much!

Posted on: Monday, 25 August 2008, 10:41pm
Comment by: STAMPMOM9


Posted on: Monday, 25 August 2008, 5:57pm
Comment by: tuckerlisa

Thanks for the comment on my baby Winston's page! Pug Luv!

Posted on: Monday, 25 August 2008, 2:33pm
Comment by: Maria RNC

Thanks for the congrats! It was a huge project! 24 years of children... thank goodness they all look a little different LOL Now I just gotta get them scrapped. That's so great that you're almost caught up. My first thought when I found out I was expecting #5 was... "Oh no, another scrapbook." Sad but true!

Posted on: Saturday, 23 August 2008, 11:54am
Comment by: Digi Deborah

Thanks so much for your comments in my gallery. It means so much that you took the time to visit!! Have a great weekend!

Posted on: Wednesday, 6 August 2008, 11:41am
Comment by: chocolateaxel

hey, juls, we had a great time cropping last weekend, hope you can join us soon. we are also signed up for a weekend getaway Oct 18th & 19th, at Roman Nose State Park. check out for details. we've been to several of their weekend getaways and always have a fabulous time, they're a fun group and we always get a lot done being away from families, phones and responsibilities!

Posted on: Sunday, 27 July 2008, 2:43pm
Comment by: TonyaB

I did get the package and have already sent it out again. I don't remember the date at the moment but I posted the tracking number on the forum page. If I need to find the tracking number again just let me know. There were lots of great things inside.

Posted on: Thursday, 24 July 2008, 5:36am
Comment by: djsklr

I just found out how to do this, thank you for all the wonderful comments on my LOs

Posted on: Wednesday, 16 July 2008, 6:09pm
Comment by: scrapbrarian

Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog, it made my day!

Posted on: Tuesday, 15 July 2008, 8:07pm
Comment by: Gr8babegurl

Thanks for the wonderful comments on my "Coup LO" - I did a rub on for that flower on the car! ;-) Almost time for our CJ - so excited!!

Posted on: Thursday, 10 July 2008, 3:55pm
Comment by: MavsFan41

Thanks so much for checking out my gallery and all of the kind words on my wedding album! I love it too--great memories! Have a great weekend!

Posted on: Thursday, 3 July 2008, 9:55pm
Comment by: TonyaB

Wishing you a Happy 4th of July!

Posted on: Thursday, 19 June 2008, 7:07pm
Comment by: TonyaB

Welcome! This is a wonderful place to meet great people!

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