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Posted on: Sunday, 18 January 2009, 5:14am
Comment by: Rosita

Happy Birthday!

Posted on: Tuesday, 30 September 2008, 2:49am
Comment by: olliebelle20

I've been tagged and so have you!!! Check out my blog...

Posted on: Monday, 18 August 2008, 6:41pm
Comment by: trishahill

Your gallery is very impressive!

Posted on: Saturday, 21 June 2008, 8:11am
Comment by: Oletta

What a fun, underwater pic! You look like a big, ol' kid!

Posted on: Thursday, 22 May 2008, 1:45am
Comment by: Quay

Hi Hi... just poking my head in to say hi!

Posted on: Tuesday, 22 April 2008, 5:55pm
Comment by: Scrappy Nan

hi! are you ready for houston? hope all is well.
~scrappy nan

Posted on: Friday, 27 July 2007, 9:53pm
Comment by: fiabella

Have a great weekend!!!!

Posted on: Friday, 18 May 2007, 9:16am
Comment by: sassy101

Your work is amazing!!!!!! Happy Friday!!!!

Posted on: Monday, 30 April 2007, 11:00pm
Comment by: ~Alma Scrapera~

You have been tagged!!!

Posted on: Sunday, 18 March 2007, 4:35pm
Comment by: saskscrap

Great layout for the challenge! Cool gallery!


Posted on: Tuesday, 13 March 2007, 12:19pm
Comment by: Oletta

You really need more layouts, dear friend.

Posted on: Saturday, 10 February 2007, 7:39am
Comment by: Belle*

Just stopping by to say hope you have a great weekend and get to scrap :)

Posted on: Sunday, 4 February 2007, 12:34pm
Comment by: Belle*

Hi! just wandering the neighborhood saying hello!! Hope you are having a great weekend

Posted on: Monday, 22 January 2007, 2:45pm
Comment by: Oletta

Haven't heard from you in awhile - hope you're enjoying life!

Posted on: Tuesday, 9 January 2007, 6:26am

Wishing you a wonderful week and for your to do list to become smaller!

Posted on: Sunday, 31 December 2006, 8:24pm
Comment by: -Melissa-

Wishing you a safe and Happy New Year.

Posted on: Friday, 29 December 2006, 5:59am

Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy, and safe New Year! May 2007 be the best yet!

Posted on: Thursday, 21 December 2006, 5:50pm
Comment by: Katgurl72

Wishing you and your family a safe and merry Christmas and a happy new year!! :)

Posted on: Wednesday, 20 December 2006, 8:25am
Comment by: Songbird

Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

Posted on: Monday, 18 December 2006, 11:07pm
Comment by: Eat Sleep Scrap

Happy Holidays

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