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Posted on: Thursday, 1 November 2007, 7:58am
Comment by: dogparent

Hugs and Love to my sweet TM!

Posted on: Friday, 17 August 2007, 5:21pm
Comment by: ajsevall

Hey Connie! Saw that you were around again so I thought I'd stop by and say hi and give you a BIG HUGE HUG!!!!!!!!!! :)

Posted on: Tuesday, 29 May 2007, 8:53pm
Comment by: Snix

I was thinkin' of ya today...I hope all is well.

Posted on: Friday, 20 April 2007, 6:00am
Comment by: crazydeb67

Have a great weekend!

Posted on: Sunday, 15 April 2007, 11:07am
Comment by: Snix

Hey Connie, just checking in on you. I hope things are going alright for you. Drop me a line sometime if ya ever feel like it...hugs to you!!

Posted on: Friday, 9 March 2007, 8:39am
Comment by: Snix

Hugs for you Connie...

Posted on: Thursday, 1 March 2007, 9:17pm
Comment by: Snix

Connie, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Please let me know if you need anything at all.

Posted on: Sunday, 25 February 2007, 8:45pm
Comment by: dogparent

Just thinking about you. I so worry about you. You are so strong. Please let me know how I can help.

Posted on: Tuesday, 23 January 2007, 12:07pm
Comment by: imagine.caffeinebuzz

Hi girlie! Get any fun mail today??? :)

Posted on: Friday, 19 January 2007, 6:09am
Comment by: imagine.caffeinebuzz

Hi Connie!! Hope you are having a GREAT day! Happy weekend to you!

Posted on: Monday, 25 December 2006, 9:08pm
Comment by: dogparent

Missing you! Happiest, better yet, HEALTHIEST Holidays to you and yours!

Posted on: Monday, 6 November 2006, 7:14pm
Comment by: onthego85

Ya gotta love this photo on your profile page!! What a cutie-patootie!!!

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