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Posted on: Sunday, 21 April 2013, 7:47pm
Comment by: Tena E.

Hi Iffy, thanks for all the gallery love, have a great week!

Posted on: Sunday, 21 April 2013, 6:25pm
Comment by: Scrappin Zeta

Hey Girlfriend, Thnk you for the gallery love. Appreciate the visit. Hugs Andrea

Posted on: Tuesday, 16 April 2013, 7:05am
Comment by: phillyscraps

Look at you knocking out so many fantastic layouts, I have been scrapping but I am on a DT and then I blog and I am trying to keep up with Facebook and all of it is just super time consuming so I haven't been on as much as I would like. I hope the family is doing well, take care and be blessed!

Posted on: Monday, 8 April 2013, 7:40pm
Comment by: Scrappin Zeta

Hi girlfriend, thank you so much for all your sweet comments! Have a great week! Hugs Andrea

Posted on: Tuesday, 12 March 2013, 10:58am
Comment by: JoJorenee

Howdy partner! I make the cards to give away as many as I can hows the BIG state treating you! Thanks for stopping by!

Posted on: Wednesday, 27 February 2013, 8:36pm
Comment by: MichelleMc

Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comment! Very appreciated. ~Michelle

Posted on: Monday, 31 December 2012, 11:36am
Comment by: princess61

Wishing you a Happy New Year! Hope you've adjusted in your new place.

Posted on: Thursday, 13 December 2012, 1:39pm
Comment by: JoJorenee

Love the new photo!

Posted on: Tuesday, 23 October 2012, 5:49am
Comment by: arteshamac

Good morning! Stopping by to thank you for the gallery love. That was my first swap on this site. I had so much fun embellishing those library cards:) So again, thanks for the sweet comments. Artesha

Posted on: Wednesday, 30 May 2012, 9:57am
Comment by: Scrappin Zeta

Thank you girlfriend for the gallery luv!!!!! Hugs Andrea

Posted on: Saturday, 14 April 2012, 7:23pm
Comment by: trem1997

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my gallery. Love the comment.

Posted on: Friday, 13 April 2012, 7:53pm
Comment by: Mia1979

Thanks for the love.

Posted on: Monday, 9 April 2012, 1:43am
Comment by: princess61

Thanks for the gallery love on McKenzie's butterflies! Love your new photo!

Posted on: Thursday, 5 April 2012, 12:07pm
Comment by: Scrappin Zeta

Thank you girlfriend for all the love you sprinkled today in my gallery!!!!! You made my day brighter!!!! Have a wonderful Easter! Hugs Andrea

Posted on: Sunday, 1 April 2012, 7:54pm
Comment by: princess61

Hi Iffy! Love your new profile photo. Thinking of you and stopped by to spread some love in your gallery!

Posted on: Thursday, 15 March 2012, 5:56am
Comment by: JoJorenee

like your new profile photo!

Posted on: Friday, 3 February 2012, 8:41am
Comment by: Scrappin Zeta

Hey Girl, Thank you for the gallery love! Have a great weekend. Hugs Andrea

Posted on: Friday, 3 February 2012, 7:35am
Comment by: phillyscraps

Hey Iffy, I came to visit when I saw that you changed your avatar, how cute and sooo very reflective of your personality, lol. I just saw your last gallery entry, don't know how I missed it before but it is fantastic. Have a great weekend!

Posted on: Friday, 30 December 2011, 6:56pm
Comment by: elitescrap

Happy New Year to you also, hope it's a good one for you.
Hugs, Faye

Posted on: Monday, 26 December 2011, 2:55am
Comment by: princess61

Hope you Christmas was Merry...Thank you for the card and your Scrappy friendship!

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