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Posted on: Monday, 25 August 2014, 8:22am
Comment by: helbert

Thanks a bunch for the tip on where to find a bargain on the wooden spoons! I appreciate it!

Posted on: Thursday, 21 August 2014, 5:45pm
Comment by: Sunnydi

hi hi... those tags you posted today are so so fabulous... love all them. Wow; fantastic work.

Posted on: Saturday, 16 August 2014, 5:01pm
Comment by: Abbygirl

Thank you so very much for your visit and super nice comment on my Halloween page. Very appreciated!! Blessings ~~ Mary

Posted on: Friday, 8 August 2014, 12:46pm
Comment by: bonprof

Betsey, you make such thoughtful comments on all my layouts. I thank you so much!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 30 July 2014, 7:25pm
Comment by: oakhills

Thanks for your comments on several of my recent layouts for Beau's scrapbook. You asked how I did the stitching on "Slippery when wet". It is faux stitching done with a gel pen.

Posted on: Sunday, 20 July 2014, 1:23pm
Comment by: bonprof

Betsey, I appreciate you taking the time to make all the sweet comments.

Posted on: Friday, 18 July 2014, 10:25am
Comment by: ElisabethB

HI Lizzi! That is funny! I used to own a small company called Lisi's cards and co! But then my career in my real job took off and I just did not have time any more to make crafts for sale. Mémé - that's what my kids call their "bonus grandmother" (a really good friend of mine) Just had a look through your gallery - such pretty items!!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 15 July 2014, 3:03pm
Comment by: chez49

thanks so much dear friend for the lovely comments on my page of my grandparents...such a special foto as I do not have any other fotos of the darlings big hugs/chez

Posted on: Sunday, 6 July 2014, 12:02pm
Comment by: heikesaugenblick

Thank you so much for your lovely comment in my gallery. Your tags are amazing, love the garden tags....So beautiful..!! Have a nice day. Hugs Heike

Posted on: Monday, 30 June 2014, 7:00pm
Comment by: bonprof

Betsey, I appreciate your comments on my Giddy Up layout so much. I am trying to grow in my craft; that layout makes feel like I am.

Posted on: Sunday, 22 June 2014, 4:10pm
Comment by: bonprof

Thanks for great comments on my layout; appreciate the warm welcome into the group!

Posted on: Saturday, 31 May 2014, 7:44pm
Comment by: Sunnydi

Hi hi.. thanks for going thru all the pics in that mini album I put up. your kind to do so. hugs. I saved several of the fancy dresses I made for Danielle in the 1980's... she has them to put on Dori someday.

Posted on: Sunday, 27 April 2014, 2:16pm
Comment by: chez49

hi dear friend and thanks for your luvly visit and luvly comments on my wedding rings page..hugs/chez

Posted on: Wednesday, 2 April 2014, 6:37pm
Comment by: GMFTS

HI Betsey! Thanks for the love and come on to the challenge - it is a lot of fun.

Posted on: Saturday, 29 March 2014, 2:37pm
Comment by: TJET

I hope your finger heals quickly and well.

Posted on: Sunday, 23 March 2014, 4:45am
Comment by: ddcmsmom

I just want to thank you for your kind remarks about my How Wonderful Life Is layout. Every time I hear the song my husband and daughter danced to, I think about how special she's been to him since she was born, and it seemed so right to include both photos.

Posted on: Thursday, 20 March 2014, 9:42am
Comment by: eapipkin

Hello and thank you so much for your thoughtful remarks on my Precious Memories layout. Your idea of copying and printing out my journaling about the layout and attaching it to the back of it is an idea I've been meaning to do on a lot of my layouts and I appreciate your reminder to do that! Thank you so much. ~Elizabeth

Posted on: Saturday, 8 February 2014, 1:31pm
Comment by: scrapvirg

Hello, thank you for comment my layout ( ) then yes I took a Izink ink in Aladine French brand, they are based pigments (based acrylic binder) and acid

Posted on: Sunday, 26 January 2014, 8:11pm
Comment by: bonprof

Stopped by to see your gallery. Lovely! I too am obsessed with paper. Lately, i've also become obsessed with punches!

Posted on: Sunday, 12 January 2014, 2:50pm
Comment by: chez49

hin there and hoping you had a great Christmas and thanks so much for the luvly comments you left in my gallery..happy new year hugs/chez

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