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Posted on: Sunday, 20 May 2012, 10:17am
Comment by: scrapsnstuf

Thx for the visit to my silly boy lo! I appreciate it! Natalie

Posted on: Saturday, 19 May 2012, 3:42pm
Comment by: i heart scrapping

It was so sweet of you to stop by my gallery and leave such nice comments. Thank you!

Posted on: Friday, 18 May 2012, 9:42am
Comment by: debby_westbrook

That's awesome! I'm so happy you were able to use the perfume bottle... Debby

Posted on: Saturday, 28 April 2012, 2:37pm
Comment by: JackeetheGreat

Thank you for the love on my Discover layout!

Posted on: Wednesday, 18 April 2012, 1:31pm
Comment by: JackeetheGreat

Thank you for stopping by commenting on my Time 4 School layout! I really appreciate you taking the time! :)

Posted on: Thursday, 12 April 2012, 12:44pm
Comment by: carbphrek

Thank you for the lovely comments on my gallery items.

Posted on: Thursday, 12 April 2012, 10:32am
Comment by: dnurse

Thanks so much for the visit & nice compliment. I truly appreciate it & you made my day! Donna

Posted on: Tuesday, 10 April 2012, 2:18pm
Comment by: chez49

very cute avi you have and thanks so much for your comments on my page of kim...enjoy your day....chez

Posted on: Monday, 9 April 2012, 7:44am
Comment by: ChansGram

Thanks for stopping by and the comment on my Magic LO. The outer circle is just rub.ons!
I hope you have a wonderful week.Trish

Posted on: Friday, 6 April 2012, 5:12pm
Comment by: Ms_Pebbles

Thank you for all of the gallery love!!! What a pleasant surprise! :)

Posted on: Thursday, 29 March 2012, 7:26am
Comment by: BonniePratte

Thanks so muy7ch for the gallery love. Bonnie

Posted on: Sunday, 11 March 2012, 3:52am
Comment by: anda11

You are so kind to leave love on my Disney 20000 leagues layout. :)

Posted on: Sunday, 11 March 2012, 3:47am
Comment by: anda11

Hugs for the nice words on my Disney Big Cheese page. :)

Posted on: Sunday, 11 March 2012, 2:48am
Comment by: anda11

I have that same fabric paper in your avi. It is so cute It is going in my recipe scrapbook.

Posted on: Thursday, 29 December 2011, 9:56am
Comment by: Tivi

What is your avi? Is it a paper? Fabric?

Posted on: Friday, 2 December 2011, 7:51pm
Comment by: dnurse

Thanks so much for the nice comment! I really appreciate your sweetness! Donna

Posted on: Wednesday, 26 October 2011, 6:14am
Comment by: Drayia

Thanks for the love on my card. It seems to a fav. for most ppl.

Posted on: Sunday, 21 August 2011, 2:53am
Comment by: anda11

Thanks for leaving love on my bra card! :) :)

Posted on: Saturday, 13 August 2011, 8:25pm
Comment by: conpit52

Just wanted to stop by and say hi and have a wonderful week

Posted on: Friday, 22 July 2011, 2:56pm
Comment by: Cris Mulezini

Thanks for your love in my gallery! Appreciated. Have a nice weekend. Hugs ~Cris

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