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Posted on: Friday, 1 February 2013, 11:06am
Comment by: sassysupermomof6

I love your layouts. They are so cute!! Great job.

Posted on: Saturday, 18 August 2012, 4:27pm
Comment by: TFrench

Thanks for commenting on my stuff - always a pick me up

Posted on: Thursday, 4 August 2011, 12:09am
Comment by: msgardengrove1

Thanks for the comment on my cutie bottle..i appreciate it^0^annie

Posted on: Thursday, 3 February 2011, 12:57am
Comment by: lillygirl7

I tried viewing your adorable ice skates and i couldn't get in to look. Just wanted to tell you they are adorable.

Posted on: Wednesday, 5 January 2011, 10:59am
Comment by: MissStarlaMae

Thank you for your lovely comment on my Sugar Puff card. Happy New Year to you as well.

Posted on: Monday, 20 December 2010, 9:41am
Comment by: craftysprinkles

Thank you for stopping by and nice compliment!! I am wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year filled with many blessings!! Mandy :)

Posted on: Sunday, 28 March 2010, 10:58am
Comment by: mcgrawsgirl

Hello my friend. I JUST saw your comment on my page. Wow, I haven't been on here in sooooo long. We lost our home & everything we own to a fire on Feb. 22. So it's been a rollercoaster around here lately. We're trying to get our lives back, having to start all over. Hope you've been doing well.

Posted on: Monday, 21 December 2009, 3:17pm
Comment by: ozzyvik

Wising you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 27 October 2009, 3:01pm
Comment by: ozzyvik

Thanks for the comment on my Halloween lo! I only just found that you had stopped in on it!! Have a great evening!!

Posted on: Sunday, 25 October 2009, 4:57pm
Comment by: Purtty Paperz

HI there...thanks so much for asking me to be your online crafting friend!!! I just love all the critters you make.How do you make them so"fuzzy" and cute ? They are just adorable !! I dont know much about will have to give me the low down on how its done! Talk to ya soon..xoxox Joy

Posted on: Tuesday, 6 October 2009, 8:00am
Comment by: mcgrawsgirl

Hey Teri! Thank you for that sweet comment. You have some awesome new stuff in your gallery!! Girl, I haven't done ANYTHING in soooo long. I haven't even hardly been on here lately. Hope you're doing well.

Posted on: Tuesday, 21 April 2009, 7:52am
Comment by: Euroalien

Thanks for adding me to your list of friends, put a smile on my face!
Have a great day!

Posted on: Friday, 3 April 2009, 12:00pm
Comment by: grandma_sue

Thanks for the sweet thing you said about my gallery! When you stop by again, I would love to hear your thoughts! I'm off to see your gallery now!

Posted on: Friday, 19 September 2008, 3:57pm
Comment by: mcgrawsgirl

Hello my friend! Thanks for the comment. I haven't been around here much lately. Had so much going on with the kids & just everything in general. I haven't even scrapped in what seems like 6 months. I love all the new stuff you've created!! Looks like you've been really busy. See ya!

Posted on: Friday, 19 September 2008, 1:57pm
Comment by:

God has really blessed you with this talent!! My Big Wish is to open a scrap store in my little town. I would have a blast. Great gallery!! Have a good weekend!

Posted on: Friday, 22 August 2008, 2:34pm
Comment by: Jamie Pope

just a quick stop in to wish you a wonderful weekend!

Posted on: Friday, 15 August 2008, 4:35pm
Comment by: ozzyvik

Have a great weekend!!

Posted on: Saturday, 26 July 2008, 5:14pm
Comment by: ozzyvik

Thanks for visiting, I see you like to do beyond the page stuff, I really enjoyed looking through your gallery! Enjoy your weekend!

Posted on: Friday, 20 June 2008, 4:23pm
Comment by: 2dogs

thanks so much!!! the lo on glass i used just alittle bit of glue 2 hold the pic on!!! thanks again!!

Posted on: Sunday, 11 May 2008, 9:58am
Comment by: mcgrawsgirl

Thank you! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

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