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Posted on: Sunday, 21 April 2013, 9:39pm
Comment by: helbert

Awesome pretty new avi!

Posted on: Saturday, 18 December 2010, 7:17am
Comment by: momma paparazzi

Merry Christmas, Ally!! Thanks for the comments you left in my gallery!!! :)

Posted on: Monday, 22 November 2010, 7:05am
Comment by: icravedonuts

Hello again Guru! I couldn't help but post those comments! And I am really glad I made your day, but all the credit goes to you!!

Posted on: Friday, 19 November 2010, 5:41pm
Comment by: momma paparazzi

Hey Ally!! Thanks so much for the comments!!! I hope you had a great week!!! :)

Posted on: Sunday, 29 August 2010, 11:56am
Comment by: momma paparazzi

Hi Ally!!! LOVE all the newest creations!! I really like your new profile pic too!!!

Posted on: Saturday, 16 January 2010, 5:00pm
Comment by: momma paparazzi

Hi Ally!! Hope you are having a good weekend!! I just wanted to let you know, I used one of your sketches! :) I just love it and love how my page came out... So, thank you so much for sharing them! ~Michelle

Posted on: Sunday, 20 December 2009, 8:11pm
Comment by: craftysprinkles

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 16 December 2009, 7:51pm
Comment by: scraputini

Thanks so much for the tipe on how to get the snow look on the letters. I really appreciate the info and i can't wait to try it! Have a nice night. Zoe

Posted on: Sunday, 13 December 2009, 9:58pm
Comment by: Taba

Happy Holidays Ally!!!! How are you??? I have missed you! hopefully will be back on here regularly and in a few days I will have baby #4 :-)

Posted on: Saturday, 12 December 2009, 9:53pm
Comment by: OhScrapit!

Love your pages...... ~ have a great weekend. Laurie

Posted on: Monday, 5 October 2009, 7:03pm
Comment by: momma paparazzi

Thank you for the wonderful comment on my LO. I have had this pic and these papers sitting on my table for months waiting for the "perfect sketch" to come along!! Your sketches are wonderful!! Thanks again, Michelle

Posted on: Wednesday, 24 June 2009, 9:49am
Comment by: scraputini

I love all your fantastic work. It's all really really awsome and inspiring!

Posted on: Friday, 5 June 2009, 12:16pm
Comment by: MoniL

I saw the news on Kelly Goree's blog and wanted to say Congrats! That layout is awesome.

Posted on: Tuesday, 2 June 2009, 9:33pm
Comment by: KelliKropper

I voted on a bling LO contest and saw your post and noticed it was your Birthday....Happy Birthday!

Posted on: Tuesday, 2 June 2009, 7:57pm
Comment by: Luzma

Hi,thanks for stopping by my gallery,your wor is amazing.I also visited your blog and your sketches are fantastic.I tried to leave a comment but I couldn`t.
Wow today is your B-day Happy Happy B-day,hope you had a wonderful day!!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 2 June 2009, 7:02pm
Comment by: EsteeLynn

Happy Birthday!!! :)

Posted on: Tuesday, 2 June 2009, 4:01pm
Comment by: helbert

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!! Hope it's a great one !!! Helene

Posted on: Tuesday, 19 May 2009, 10:35am
Comment by: Taba

hi ally!!! *misses* how r u girl?

Posted on: Tuesday, 12 May 2009, 1:14pm
Comment by: jcreichert71

Thanks for you comments... I was so surprised.

Posted on: Thursday, 23 April 2009, 7:29pm
Comment by: purplegirl72

I hope you post some more projects soon...I miss seeing your awesome layouts. Happy Spring!

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