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Posted on: Monday, 26 May 2008, 3:13pm
Comment by: Charygirl

You're tagged girl! Check out my blog!

Posted on: Saturday, 10 May 2008, 10:00am
Comment by: Charygirl

I've been away from your gallery toooooo long!
Forgive me!

Posted on: Saturday, 10 May 2008, 9:42am
Comment by: Charygirl

Hey Jules!! I've been thinking about you for a couple of weeks!! Love catching up with your cool stampy stuff on your blog too! You're rocking that girlfriend!
Hows trix? enjoying the weather?

Posted on: Thursday, 8 May 2008, 2:10pm
Comment by: madscrappertoo..

hello and thanks for all your sweet comments... i love your gallery as well... /so get scrapping your coach bag girl.. hehe.. i have one too.. aren;'t they just the best.. im so happy that there finally opening up a coach store here... Im scrared.. ahha., anyway thanks again.. looking forward to your coach page.. lol.. talk to yah later..

Posted on: Tuesday, 6 May 2008, 5:52am
Comment by: mghairgirl

You are so sweet! I am so glad that we met too! Can't wait to get together again to do some cropping!

Posted on: Sunday, 27 April 2008, 9:25am
Comment by: mghairgirl

Just stopping by to say hello!

Posted on: Tuesday, 15 April 2008, 3:14pm
Comment by: sunnybear

Happy Birthday!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 8 April 2008, 1:06pm
Comment by: Dulce Corazon

Hello Julia
IT has been a long time.. You and I connected couple of years ago. I have a long hair chihuahua by the name Diego. Do you remember me?.. i know your dogs are penny, nacho and I can not remember the other dogs name but any ways we used to write notes to each other from time to time. I have not been in for a long time. My precious Diego is going to be 2 in June and he still my amazing grace.. I just love him. How are your puppies doing? and have do you have a baby yet?
A lot has been going on with my life and I just have not had the time to scrapbook at all. But I still like to visit this site and make friends.
take care
Marjorie and Diego
ps/ Diego says hi to his cousins!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 3 April 2008, 6:51am
Comment by: mghairgirl

Just wanted to share with you that I made my clear acyrlic album! It turned out great and I am very happy with it! I will bring it next week when we meet for our class.

Posted on: Thursday, 27 March 2008, 6:36pm
Comment by: sassy101

Thank you so much for the Bookmark. That was so sweet of you.

Posted on: Monday, 24 March 2008, 1:25pm
Comment by: Patricia Roebuck

Hi!! So good to hear from you. Haven't been on in awhile. Yes, that is a wonderful feeling to know that you're out the review room!!! HUGE sigh of relief!! We just got our fingerprints re-done again for the third time. Time will tell...but if the wait doesn't go more than a year for us right now, our I-171 will be okay for travel!! One day brings us closer!!

Posted on: Friday, 21 March 2008, 2:21pm
Comment by: mghairgirl

I promise I will read it!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 20 March 2008, 5:45am
Comment by: mghairgirl

Sorry, I just have to do it! Don't know if you like to participate, but I had to take a turn so now it is your turn! You have been tagged, go to my blog for instructions. Thanks!

Posted on: Tuesday, 18 March 2008, 10:06am
Comment by: sassy101

you are very welcome!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 13 March 2008, 8:38pm
Comment by: onthego85

Haven't seen you in a while so I thought I'd stop in to say "hi" and hope all is well at your house!! Have a great weekend!!

Posted on: Monday, 4 February 2008, 9:11am
Comment by: Charygirl

Hello Pink CHi!! Having a good week? I've seen it's been cold down your way! Brrrrr!

Posted on: Monday, 28 January 2008, 4:02am
Comment by: scrappycath

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment on my Exploding Box! :)

Posted on: Friday, 25 January 2008, 6:15am
Comment by: onthego85

Just stopping by to say "hi" and hope all is well with you! Have a great weekend!! ~Dawn

Posted on: Saturday, 19 January 2008, 12:33pm
Comment by: Charygirl

so to answer a few questions.....boot paper CI....birdhouse template papercraftsonline...teehee....signlove QK it's a little steep(but i used the one @ the lss;))....i'm afraid of the special edged paper too! clouds really a photo!

let me know if i left anything out!!!!
{{BIG HUGZ}}} Pink Chi!

Posted on: Saturday, 19 January 2008, 12:29pm
Comment by: Charygirl

Hola chica!!! you've been a busy girl haven't you?! I was tearing up at my email this morning!!!

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