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Posted on: Thursday, 10 January 2008, 5:47am
Comment by: crazydeb67

Have a wonderful weekend!

Posted on: Friday, 9 November 2007, 12:05pm
Comment by: crazydeb67

Have a most wonderful weekend!

Posted on: Thursday, 13 September 2007, 11:05pm
Comment by: crazydeb67

Have a lovely weekend!

Posted on: Saturday, 4 August 2007, 1:00pm
Comment by: crazydeb67

Have a terrific weekend!

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 June 2007, 11:47pm
Comment by: crazydeb67

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Posted on: Monday, 28 May 2007, 6:04pm
Comment by: Keleia

How are you this Memorial Day? I hope that as you think of your loved ones that have died, that memories make you smile because the life they led meant so much to you. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the death of my baby brother, Richard who left this world at 32 years old due to heart failure. I know that I will see him again; and I am grateful for the time we had. Even though it was cut too short. He would be upset with me if I were crying all the time, and so, as a tribute to him, I smile. :)

Posted on: Saturday, 28 April 2007, 10:09am
Comment by: Keleia

Have a really wonderful weekend. Fill it with friends, family and photos! Scrapbooking, faithbooking, card making, whatever! Love to you, Keleia

Posted on: Thursday, 8 March 2007, 11:19am
Comment by: Keleia

Just checking in and wishing you a blessed day! I've been busy getting my craft room all in order. I will take pictures when I am done. God's best is being prayed for you, Keleia

Posted on: Wednesday, 14 February 2007, 12:45pm
Comment by: Inkin Addict

Happy Valentines Day!!

Posted on: Saturday, 10 February 2007, 7:48am
Comment by: Belle*

Just stopping by to say hope you have a great weekend and get to scrap :)

Posted on: Sunday, 4 February 2007, 12:51pm
Comment by: Belle*

Hi! just wandering the neighborhood saying hello!! Hope you are having a great weekend

Posted on: Monday, 25 December 2006, 8:18pm
Comment by: fairytattoo

Merry Christmas!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 21 December 2006, 5:59pm
Comment by: Katgurl72

Wishing you and your family a safe and merry Christmas and a happy new year!! :)

Posted on: Wednesday, 6 December 2006, 12:27am
Comment by: Proud MoMMy of 4

Welcome to!! My name is amy. Help Jill's reach her 2007 friends by 2007 by signing up for her friends list. There will be prizes awarded in December plus if you mention that I referred you to her friends list. I too can win a special prize. Let me know if you sign up!! Here is the link and good luck:

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 December 2006, 12:36pm
Comment by: mommie75

happy hoildays

Posted on: Thursday, 16 November 2006, 2:15pm
Comment by: Inkin Addict

Almost Friday! I hope you have a great weekend!

Posted on: Tuesday, 31 October 2006, 7:07am
Comment by: mommie75

happy halloween

Posted on: Tuesday, 19 September 2006, 12:07pm
Comment by: Inkin Addict

drop me a line and let me know your ok

Posted on: Friday, 28 July 2006, 7:02pm
Comment by: heatherem

Hope you're feeling better... things are a lot quieter when you're not around.

Posted on: Sunday, 28 May 2006, 7:34pm
Comment by: Inkin Addict

I hope you get better real soon. Miss you on here!!!

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