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Posted on: Wednesday, 24 December 2008, 7:01am
Comment by: Spikeka

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!! Kim

Posted on: Thursday, 30 October 2008, 2:57pm
Comment by: Mimi Myer

Thanks for the comment on my son's layout he did! I think he did a great job too on the title. Blessings

Posted on: Thursday, 30 October 2008, 1:52pm
Comment by: Luzma

Hi,thanks a lot for all your lovely comments,you´re really so nice!!!
Have a great day!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 30 October 2008, 7:10am
Comment by: CrystalAmarisCreation

Thanks for stopping by my gallery and for the wonderful comments you left. Have a great halloween weekend!!

Posted on: Thursday, 30 October 2008, 5:49am
Comment by: forevermom

Thanks for the nice comment in my gallery, I appreciate it!!

Posted on: Thursday, 16 October 2008, 5:43pm
Comment by: Mimi Myer

You have great lo's You can really do good boy ones!

Posted on: Thursday, 11 September 2008, 8:47am
Comment by: 4kowbabies

thank you for posting a comment on a LO of mine! :oP

Posted on: Friday, 1 August 2008, 10:58am
Comment by: * Julie *

It's August already!! I hope you enjoy this last bit of summer and get lots of scrapping accomplished! :)

Posted on: Tuesday, 15 July 2008, 1:00pm
Comment by: * Julie *

Just a note to say hello! :) Hope all is well!

Posted on: Friday, 13 June 2008, 10:06am
Comment by: jeni0071

WOW! I think you've completed more LO's in the short amount of time you've been scrapbooking than I have in the past 10 years!! Way to go! You have some wonderful LO's in your gallery!

Posted on: Saturday, 19 April 2008, 9:21pm
Comment by: gigikay

Thanks for your comment on my U Call me a Princess. I am so glad you left a comment because it gave me a chance to browse your gallery. Amazing. Love all the colors you use. Had a fun time. Thanks.

Posted on: Wednesday, 16 April 2008, 8:46pm
Comment by: ChansGram

I absolutely love your avatar- everytime i see it, i just chuckle!!! So flippin cute!!!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 16 April 2008, 2:34pm
Comment by: ScrappyHeather

Thank you for the sweet comment in my gallery.

Posted on: Saturday, 22 December 2007, 8:37am
Comment by: scrapperlicious

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hugs!

Posted on: Monday, 3 December 2007, 7:07pm
Comment by: diamonddeb

Great gallery! thanks for sharing!

Posted on: Sunday, 11 November 2007, 5:04pm
Comment by: -Melissa-

thanks so much for all the gallery love you left me!! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!!!

Posted on: Monday, 24 September 2007, 5:03pm
Comment by: AbbieT

Thanks so much for the nice comment on my hubba^2 page!! It made my day!

Posted on: Wednesday, 4 July 2007, 7:22am
Comment by: scrapperlicious

Happy 4th of July!!!!!! Hugs, Irene

Posted on: Wednesday, 27 June 2007, 10:06pm
Comment by: kzookeeper

Thanks for your sweet comments in my gallery. Have a great day!

Posted on: Saturday, 16 June 2007, 7:52am
Comment by: scrapperlicious

Hi there,
Just stopping by to wish you a great weekend and letting you know that I'm starting some gallery/support group. Do check out my post in the general scrapbooking topic sention in the forum if you are interested! Any support from you would be great! Thanks!

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