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Posted on: Friday, 12 January 2007, 8:55am
Comment by: Richelle

WOO-HOO!! Happy Friday!!!

Posted on: Friday, 22 December 2006, 1:13pm
Comment by: alarae

Happy Holidays from Iowa!! :o)

Posted on: Wednesday, 6 December 2006, 9:55am
Comment by: Proud MoMMy of 4

Thanks so much! I hope you win one of the prizes that Jill's Place gives away this December. Have a great day!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 December 2006, 2:53pm
Comment by: Proud MoMMy of 4

Welcome to sb.com!! My name is amy. Help Jill's reach her 2007 friends by 2007 by signing up for her friends list. There will be prizes awarded in December plus if you mention that I referred you to her friends list. I too can win a special prize. Let me know if you sign up!! Here is the link and good luck: http://www.scrapbook.com/myplace/index.php?u=206

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 December 2006, 8:28am
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

Welcome to sb.com!!!

Add Jill to your friends list!!
Help Jill get 2007 Friends by Jan 1, 2007! Let me know if you join her Friends cuz there are prizes!!!! Here's the link:

Posted on: Friday, 1 December 2006, 7:41am
Comment by: Richelle

YEAH!! ONLY 24 MORE DAYS UNTILL XMAS!!! Have a great weekend!

Posted on: Friday, 17 November 2006, 7:41am
Comment by: Richelle

WOO-HOO!! Friday!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend full of lots of scrappin!

Posted on: Sunday, 12 November 2006, 7:06am
Comment by: ScrapSlave

Hi there..........thanks for stopping by my place and leaving kind words. Hope you're having a great weekend.

Posted on: Saturday, 11 November 2006, 1:37pm
Comment by: alarae

Hey! Thanks for the invite! Summer--the big dog--is 3 will be 4 on May 5 and Maggi--the little dog--is 1 will be 2 February 14.

Posted on: Friday, 10 November 2006, 8:41pm
Comment by: alarae

Hey, welcome! I'm new here too and I hear you have a Rottweiler? Me too!

Posted on: Friday, 10 November 2006, 10:32am
Comment by: Richelle

Hey there, welcome to SB.com!

Posted on: Wednesday, 8 November 2006, 1:09pm
Comment by: Lefa

Hi, Welcome to the neighborhood!

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