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Dollscrap's Public Comments Page

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Posted on: Wednesday, 11 February 2015, 5:40am
Comment by: bonprof

Thank you so much for your super nice comments. It's good to see you!

Posted on: Tuesday, 20 January 2015, 4:07am
Comment by: ozmagi

hi leannie, thank you so much for your amazing comments you left in my gallery.. hugs magi

Posted on: Monday, 19 January 2015, 10:07pm
Comment by: chez49

hi leannie and thanks for all thelovely comments you left in my gallery...oh you wont believe this our spotlight store suppose like your mikals was throwing the sweet nothings paper out at 50cents a sheet so I grabbed a heap my very fav Kaiser...oh have a great foto of larnieto scrap on her own so will do it at scrap camp....hope all is well over your way hugs/chez

Posted on: Friday, 19 December 2014, 1:50pm
Comment by: chez49


Posted on: Wednesday, 3 December 2014, 1:03pm
Comment by: chez49

hi Jeannie and thanks for the lovely comments on my page of e and the parrots...take care hugs/chez

Posted on: Monday, 10 November 2014, 10:01pm
Comment by: chez49

hey there dear friend and thank for the love you left on my page of my parents...thanks for saying I have my dad,s eyes am proud I have part of him. he was my world, a dad and a mum to me.....hugs/chez

Posted on: Sunday, 2 November 2014, 8:39pm
Comment by: luv46kdz

Thanks for the visit and love Jeannie! I must say, your dd is stunning! Love her make-up :). *Paula*

Posted on: Friday, 31 October 2014, 6:59am
Comment by: mgiov

Jeannie, a belated thanks for the gallery love and wishes for a great weekend! Hugs, Peggy

Posted on: Tuesday, 29 July 2014, 11:51am
Comment by: luv46kdz

Hi Jeannie :) Thanks for the love on my lo. Lots of hugs to you and for your sis

Posted on: Friday, 25 July 2014, 3:36pm
Comment by: 48SixTime

Thank you so much for stopping by my layout A Daughter, and leaving such sweet comments! Donna

Posted on: Friday, 20 June 2014, 2:58pm
Comment by: chez49

Jeannie hello and thanks dear friend for the luvly comments on my wedding page of the kids cutting the cake have a great weekend hugs/chez

Posted on: Wednesday, 11 June 2014, 5:44am
Comment by: ozmagi

hi jeannie, thank you so much for the love you left in my gallery... hugs magi

Posted on: Wednesday, 4 June 2014, 7:04pm
Comment by: 48SixTime

Thank you so much for stopping by my layout of my granddaughters. I am glad it doesn't look like "Halloween"! Donna

Posted on: Wednesday, 28 May 2014, 3:12pm
Comment by: chez49

hi there dear Jeannie and thanks for the very luvly comments you left on my gallery pages oh yes the story teller frame is gorgeous and there is another one like it coming out in une, different color though, take care big hugs/chez

Posted on: Friday, 23 May 2014, 3:12pm
Comment by: TJET

Thanks for your funny and thoughtful comments on my Spirited Ride page. Tjet

Posted on: Thursday, 22 May 2014, 10:14am
Comment by: 48SixTime

You are so sweet to visit and leave such wonderful comments! I see from the comment below that you won a NSD prize! Congrats! Donna

Posted on: Saturday, 17 May 2014, 7:40am
Comment by: olleharr

Hey Jeannie, congratulations on winning that prize package!! I got one too!! Can't wait to see what you do with that awesome Tim Holtz spritzer. It's gonna be fun!

Posted on: Sunday, 4 May 2014, 1:46pm
Comment by: chez49

hello there Jeannie and big hugs of thanks for the luvly comments on my unconditional love page...sunday hugs/chez

Posted on: Thursday, 1 May 2014, 6:30pm
Comment by: bonprof

Thanks for great comments! They mean a lot! Donna

Posted on: Thursday, 17 April 2014, 5:55pm
Comment by: chez49

thanks Jeannie for the love on my sunburst wedding page..happy easter hugs/chez

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