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Posted on: Tuesday, 1 September 2009, 4:19pm
Comment by: Ninne

welcome to my blog candy :o)


Posted on: Saturday, 31 January 2009, 12:46pm
Comment by: helbert

Thanks so much for the visit & kind comment on my Happy Holiday lo !!! Hope you're having a great weekend! Helene

Posted on: Friday, 16 January 2009, 9:25am
Comment by: Nike

Hi, thank you so much for your nice comments your left in my gallery! And YES the most wonderful horse is an Icelandic Horse.. LOL! Have a great day! Nike

Posted on: Wednesday, 14 January 2009, 9:02pm
Comment by: Sarah_Liz

Hey, thanks a bunch for leaving the love in my gallery! Hope you're having a great week!

Posted on: Tuesday, 13 January 2009, 6:14pm
Comment by: -PaperJunkie-

Thank you so much for the sweet comments in my gallery!! Hope your year is off to a wonderful start!!

Posted on: Sunday, 11 January 2009, 6:58am
Comment by: Ransy

Posted on: Wednesday, 2 July 2008, 8:23am
Comment by: Dagrun

Posted on: Wednesday, 30 April 2008, 11:57pm
Comment by: IngridG

thanks again for all the gallery love!! means a lot to me! have a great day!!

Posted on: Friday, 11 April 2008, 7:05am
Comment by: IngridG

Hi Iris! thanks for the sweet comments! To answer your question: the flowers and heart were doodled and then cut out. Hope your having a super weekend!!! love Ingrid xxx

Posted on: Tuesday, 8 April 2008, 9:41am
Comment by: Sigrún Ţ

Posted on: Sunday, 6 April 2008, 4:24pm
Comment by: Scrapoholiker

Thank you for your post:) And for the website-tip about your cat, I will check it out! Night, night!

Posted on: Sunday, 6 April 2008, 12:06pm
Comment by: Scrapoholiker

Loving your gallery...I saw your Lo with the beautiful cat, "even the smallest feline..." What kind of cat is it? I love cats too, I have an Holy Birma. ( see her in my gallery:))

Posted on: Sunday, 30 March 2008, 11:35am
Comment by: tuckerlisa

It's your turn, you've been tagged! These are the rules, each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their My Place Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of thier blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they area tagged by leaving them a comment. Have fun!!

Posted on: Sunday, 23 March 2008, 6:59pm
Comment by: Ransy

Posted on: Saturday, 22 March 2008, 6:50pm
Comment by: Saeunn

Posted on: Monday, 3 March 2008, 5:27am
Comment by: ErlaPerla

Posted on: Sunday, 2 March 2008, 8:18pm
Comment by: -PaperJunkie-

Thanks for the sweet comment on my "IF" layout!! Hope you have a glorious week!! :-)

Posted on: Saturday, 16 February 2008, 4:31am
Comment by: Dagrun

Posted on: Wednesday, 13 February 2008, 8:33pm
Comment by: -PaperJunkie-

Gorgeous gallery!!!! Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!!!!! :-)

Posted on: Tuesday, 12 February 2008, 6:12pm
Comment by: mum2gnt

Hi Iris
Thanks for your sweet comments in my gallery. MIL is Mother In law! Sorry I haven't looked at your gallery for ages but I have been knee deep in this album for my MIL. Take care

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