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Posted on: Sunday, 27 October 2013, 3:29pm
Comment by: NMscrapper

Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my "Girls Gone Wild" page! The modeling cream takes some practice, but not too bad. Just make sure your stencil is held down securely. I found a pointed pallet knife works best so you can spread it quickly and evenly. You have to try it, it's awesome!

Posted on: Thursday, 17 October 2013, 1:30pm
Comment by: lgtaylor100

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and for your kind compliments. Prayers to your mother.

Posted on: Thursday, 10 October 2013, 6:00am
Comment by: justLyn

Wishing you a wonderful birthday today! Hope it's filled with making great memories!

Posted on: Friday, 27 September 2013, 7:04pm
Comment by: MarciLB

Thanks for the nice comment on the round robin...when I saw your 3 vertical sheets-I instantly thought of those school photos....worked great!...thanks for the inspiration!!!!

Posted on: Monday, 1 July 2013, 2:35pm
Comment by: MarciLB

Hi!...thanks for the nice comment!...the lettering are chipboard-who knows where I got them or when I have too much stuff!!!!

Posted on: Monday, 1 July 2013, 3:52am
Comment by: ozmagi

hi kena, thank you so much for the amazing visit and your comment you left in my gallery it is so apprecaite it... have a wonderful start of the week. hugs magi

Posted on: Wednesday, 12 June 2013, 4:51pm
Comment by: klyarizona

Thanks so much.So nice of you to stop by my gallery and leave sweet comments. I really appreciate it.

Posted on: Tuesday, 11 June 2013, 11:16pm
Comment by: ozmagi

hi kena, thank you so much for the lovely visit and all your amazing comments you left in my gallery they all so apprecaite it. have a wondeful week. hugs magi

Posted on: Monday, 13 May 2013, 12:18pm
Comment by: sasload4

Thanks for the sweet comment on my Mutley LO. Ever since my brother can remember he has always wanted to call a dog by the name Mutley, and the minute he got her she became, you guessed it, Mutley.

Posted on: Thursday, 18 April 2013, 4:47am
Comment by: Nannyfeb

Good Morning Kena------ Thank you so much for the Love you left on my Yours Truly LO---- I am thrilled that you have chosen to lift it what an honor.

Posted on: Tuesday, 9 April 2013, 10:42am
Comment by: babigirl

Thanks for stopping by to answer your question I used liquid pearla

Posted on: Thursday, 4 April 2013, 4:56am
Comment by: Nannyfeb

Hi Kena---- thanks so much for checking out my gallery. The Love you left is so appreciated.Have a wonderful day. Barbara

Posted on: Thursday, 21 March 2013, 6:27am
Comment by: pamela.tx

Hi Kena! Thanks so much for the gallery love! I really appreciate it! Have a wonderful day!

Posted on: Friday, 8 March 2013, 9:57am
Comment by: dancinirish90

Hi Kena! Sorry I didn't back to you right away - I missed your question somehow. You asked about the sunburst I did on my Rehearsal page. For that one, I took a whole sheet of black cs, chose a point in the center horizontally and low enough vertically on the paper that it would end up behind the center photo, and drew lines with a ruler radiating out symetrically from that one point. Then I just cut alternating wedges out, leaving the others connected at the center, and cut the extra solid cs off the bottom. I stuck the whole piece down to the bg and covered the mess in the middle with the photos. I hope that makes sense! Have a great weekend!

Posted on: Friday, 1 March 2013, 11:14pm
Comment by: AuntJo

Hi Kena! thanks so much for the gallery love! I so appreciate it! I love your avi by the way! Hugs! :)

Posted on: Thursday, 28 February 2013, 2:13pm
Comment by: dancinirish90

Hi Kena! A few people have asked about the egg thing, so here is the explanation I added to the description:

I know - it's weird. The way I understand it - it's not unlike us having a period - our egg is there too and is flushed out if it's not fertilized. This is similar - although, with a bird, of course, they lay them when they're fertilized too. The reason it doesn't happen all the time or to every female bird is that some birds are 'nesters' and some aren't. She has to have a 'trigger' to cause her body to think she's been fertilized and should make an egg. Some birds are triggered if you pet them on the back or wings; some rub up against a toy in their cage; it varies. Some female birds don't ever show an interest in that unless they have a real mate, others do it obsessively and lay eggs all the time. With those birds, they say you should try to discourage whatever activity is the trigger. It's not that good for them to lay too often because it leaches so much calcium out of their bodies, and it's hard to replace it. Mina lays sporadically - sometimes years between episodes, sometimes a few months. She usually lays about 3 eggs per episode, and they turn up about a day or two apart, so it lasts about a week. She doesn't always pluck her feathers out either. IDK - she's just nuts. LOL I just take them out and throw them away. The first time, she sat on them and guarded them, but after the month or so it would have taken to hatch if they'd been viable, she lost interest, and I threw those away too. Now, she has nothing to do with them after she lays them. The last one, I was sitting right next to her cage, and I didn't even see her do it. LOL

Hope that answers your questions. I didn't understand it either when it first started happening. But, I guess, it's the same way we get chicken eggs - I don't know why chickens lay every day though. :)


Posted on: Sunday, 17 February 2013, 11:46am
Comment by: dancinirish90

Hi Kena! You asked about the wind turbine noise - They do make a humming or whooshing sound. I guess there is a big controversy about them among their neighbors. There is a whole group that oppose them because they claim they are ruining their quality of life. I personally think that's bs. You can find videos on youtube where the crickets and distant roads are louder than the wind turbines. It's white noise which the human brain learns to tune out. I know these people live out in the country because they want peace and quiet, but I don't believe the windmills can destroy their quality of life. Maybe they'd rather live with the buzz of a traditional power plant? IDK. I used to live under a flight path for a runway at O'Hare so I had a commercial jet flying low over my apartment every 2 minutes, and I stopped noticing them very quickly. One of my girlfriends had the el tracks in Chicago right outside her window. I really don't think the wind turbine neighbors have it that bad. LOL Sorry for the book!

Posted on: Friday, 15 February 2013, 6:22am
Comment by: AuntyT

Thanks for all the sweet comments! My grandma had two brothers! Huge families in those days!

Posted on: Tuesday, 12 February 2013, 6:24pm
Comment by: njr007

Thanks for all the sweet comments in my gallery. I did not use a stamp for the journaling blocks on my Words to Live By lo. I just used a white pen. and I use Rhodes Yeast rolls that I buy at Walmart! Delicious!

Posted on: Thursday, 7 February 2013, 10:51am
Comment by: Pink Spoonbill

Oh my friend, you are just too kind. The comments in my gallery were so appreciated. Have a great day. Terri

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