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Posted on: Thursday, 29 May 2014, 9:02pm
Comment by: Linnny

Hey Maryann, how lovely to see you! Hope all is good in your neck of the woods! Thanks for stopping by...always happy to see you! ;)

Posted on: Wednesday, 27 March 2013, 2:47pm
Comment by: scrapsnstuf

Oh my Maryann, how are you stranger?!? Glad to see you poking around in my gallery! Can you believe it, he's no baby anymore, gonna be 4 this July! Time sure flies! Hope you and the family are doing well! Thx for stopping by! Take care, Nat :)

Posted on: Tuesday, 7 February 2012, 11:22am
Comment by: Valtron

Hi Maryann! Hope all is well with you!! :)

Posted on: Sunday, 3 July 2011, 9:34am
Comment by: coffeejavalatte

Hey Maryann! Thanks for the Love you left in my gallery! xo

Posted on: Sunday, 8 May 2011, 4:57am
Comment by: crafty mom of 5

Hi Maryann! I just wanted to say... have a very Happy Mother's Day! Amy :~D

Posted on: Friday, 6 May 2011, 7:25am
Comment by: Valtron

Hi Maryann! Haven't talk to you in a while & just wanted to say hi! Hope everything is well!! Ttyl, Val!

Posted on: Friday, 25 March 2011, 8:45am
Comment by: coffeejavalatte

Good News! All three of those shaped cards will be in class next 7 MORE! So glad you like them! :D

Posted on: Tuesday, 22 March 2011, 12:45pm
Comment by: crafty mom of 5

Hi Maryann! Thanks for all of the gallery love! It was so sweet of you! I hope that you are having a great day! Amy :~D

Posted on: Monday, 21 March 2011, 6:41pm
Comment by: crafty mom of 5

Hey Maryann! I just wanted to let you know that I used one of your beautiful flowers on a project! It was perfect! Take a look in my gallery at my bling jewelry box. Thanks so much! I can't wait to see those red flowers!! Have a great evening! Amy :~D

Posted on: Wednesday, 16 March 2011, 7:56pm
Comment by: AZscrapnquilt

Hello! Just got home today. Been gone for a while. I hope I did not miss too much but I know I did. :( Will take a peek later to see what's been happening.

Posted on: Thursday, 3 March 2011, 8:49am
Comment by: Linnny

Good morning sweet thing! Thanks for the sweet comments in my gallery....really appreciate them!!! Wishing you a good day!!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 2 March 2011, 7:21pm
Comment by: HisGEM

You are too kind! Thank you for the encouragement! :-)

Posted on: Monday, 28 February 2011, 5:56pm
Comment by: Linnny

Hey sweet thing! Thinking of you and praying life is being gentle with you and yours! Hugs!

Posted on: Thursday, 24 February 2011, 7:57am
Comment by: coffeejavalatte

You are so CUTE! Your posts always make me smile! xoxo

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 February 2011, 8:37pm
Comment by: Martica

Hey girlfriend haven't seen you around....miss you...

Posted on: Monday, 21 February 2011, 3:36pm
Comment by: TinaTolliver

Hello MaryAnn!! How are you? I was thinking about you and thought I would stop by to say hello!!
Your friend Tina

Posted on: Thursday, 17 February 2011, 6:55am
Comment by: Cricket1982

Thank you for the sweet comments on my cards, I really appreciate it. I used the K&Company Jubilee paper pack for all of them. On card #2 the bug is part of the paper, I just stickled his wings.:) I hope you have a good day! Lacey

Posted on: Wednesday, 16 February 2011, 4:24pm
Comment by: coffeejavalatte

MaryAnn! Thanks so much for the Latte last week! I enjoyed every drop!!! Hope you are doing well. See you soon! xoxo

Posted on: Wednesday, 9 February 2011, 5:37pm
Comment by: Linn

thanks for checking out my flowers... i love doing them. i so wish i new how to put up tutorials on how to do them. but i'm not that computer literate yet lol.
it is a retro punch and then i stick each petl back in the punch one at a time and snip off the tips. i crease them down the middle and ink them. i curl the petals under toward the crease. i then take the tweezers and pinch the crease and fold down some more with my fingers while holding the pinch with the tweezers. its wasy just time consuming. four layers of the larger punch and 3 of the smaller one
thanks again for looking. I have a friend working a blog for me. it is linnsscrapshack. i only have one post on there right now and one follower ... my husband lol

Posted on: Saturday, 29 January 2011, 8:58am
Comment by: TinaTolliver

Hi Mary Ann!! Just stopping by to say HI!! I hope you have a great weekend!!! Tina

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