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Jojo Noons's Public Comments Page

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Posted on: Thursday, 22 August 2013, 3:53pm
Comment by: rockmom

Thank Jo! Appreciate it. Denise

Posted on: Tuesday, 11 December 2012, 4:22pm
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hi sweetie,missed you and being on sbc.but too much going on right now and has all year,so next year i am going to start scrappin again, have to get my self together again,hope to talk too you soo, merry christmas and a blesses and happy new year, gos bless you,love and hugs joan

Posted on: Wednesday, 28 November 2012, 5:42pm
Comment by: Tishd

Hi there! Thank you for commenting on my layout, Special Day! Yes, this is the wedding we attended at Common Man Inn in Claremont! We loved the INN!

Posted on: Monday, 14 May 2012, 8:08am
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hi , well i am finally back to scraping, missed youjust need to learn again i guess, all seems new i did post some things after i figure out what to do, miss you, god bless,hugs,joan

Posted on: Tuesday, 27 March 2012, 3:47pm
Comment by: nkaigle

Hello! A very humble and very belated thank you for the lovely comment on my "The Gilded Age" layout!....Natalie

Posted on: Monday, 26 March 2012, 3:37am
Comment by: joydee1963

Hey,thanks so much for your super sweet comment on my Irish Boy lo of my dad,Have great week,Joy

Posted on: Thursday, 15 March 2012, 5:56pm
Comment by: dollscrap

Your MY Little girl layout is so sweet and pretty and beautifully designed....you were wondering about the translation...it would be Ma Petite fille. Remember French words have genders and Mon is masculine...Ma is feminine. Also La means "the" so it would be like saying My little the girl. I did a title using my own memory of high school French (40+ years ago since high school)..wanted the title of a layout of my dd2 (who loves anything French) to be Pretty in Pink. A lady, forgot who...told me what I had written would translate Pretty inside of Pink...lol...Now I just use the google translator.
Hope you don't mind my explaining...excuse moi siil vous plais....lol
Hugs, Jeannie

Posted on: Thursday, 15 March 2012, 3:27am
Comment by: joydee1963

Thanks so much for your very nice comment on my Feeling french lo,Have a great day,Joy

Posted on: Saturday, 10 March 2012, 8:13am
Comment by: happy go lucky

thanks so much for the visit and nice compliments on "why so serious?" Winnie and I appreciate your kindness. Hope you have a lovely weekend, Vickie

Posted on: Thursday, 8 March 2012, 6:33am
Comment by: Dstanek35

Thank you so much JoJo!!!!For stoppin by my gallery !!!I really enjoyed your visit!!!..hugs Dawna

Posted on: Wednesday, 7 March 2012, 9:48pm
Comment by: Cricut OCD

Hi! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a nice comment on my Fritz II lo! I really appreciate it! Hope you're having a great week! Your pictures are beautiful as is your gallery! Rochelle

Posted on: Friday, 2 March 2012, 12:10am
Comment by: Lenethren

Thank you for commenting in my gallery! I appreciate it. Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Posted on: Wednesday, 22 February 2012, 12:34pm
Comment by: newtoscrapping2011

thanks so much for stopping by and visiting!! i appreciate you taking the time to stop and leave your sweet words

Posted on: Wednesday, 22 February 2012, 8:40am
Comment by: Tishd

Hey there! So glad to hear from you! I try to keep tabs on you in FB and sometimes look into the VLB thread to see what you are up to. Miss you too, and you best be staying in touch to update us on your move! When you get settled, please send your address etc., in case I want to drop you a line! :) Take care and do not work yourself to death. I hope the "cabin" sells soon! Hugs to you! Tish

Posted on: Monday, 20 February 2012, 1:32pm
Comment by: Dstanek35


Posted on: Thursday, 16 February 2012, 3:44am
Comment by: joydee1963

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my Heritage lo for challenge,Have a great day,Joy

Posted on: Tuesday, 14 February 2012, 1:03pm
Comment by: nkaigle

Hello!!! I'd like to thank you for stopping into my gallery with a lovely comment on my "Mere et Filles" LO!! I am very appreciative of your thoughtfulness, thank you! Do you live on the Cape??!! I do! Just read your bio and thought perhaps you might live here, or near the Boston area! Natalie :))

Posted on: Sunday, 12 February 2012, 3:27pm
Comment by: teresa.horner

Thank you so much for the wonderful comment about my vacation journal. I love all the things in your gallery and love your picture of the tallships. We have one in California that we go to each year and am dying to go to the one on the east coast... thanks so much for sharing :)

Posted on: Tuesday, 7 February 2012, 1:00pm
Comment by: GMFTS

lol I forgot I changed my screen name! YOu have been gone way too long but now you are back! Yippee!

Posted on: Monday, 6 February 2012, 1:31pm
Comment by: njr007

Thanks for all the love you sprinkled in my gallery, it was very kind of you to drop by and I truly appreciated your sweet words. Have a great week, Norma

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