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Posted on: Thursday, 11 April 2013, 6:17pm
Comment by: MarciLB

Hi Rebecca!...just wanted you to know I lifted your Oh Boy LO for scraplift your faves challenge.....thanks!

Posted on: Saturday, 9 March 2013, 8:17pm
Comment by: tinadn

Thanks for the love on my get well cards. They were cut from Cricut's Classic Font.

Posted on: Thursday, 14 February 2013, 11:11am
Comment by: babigirl

Hi Rebecca to answer your question actually those stickers came like that thought they were neat

Posted on: Monday, 11 February 2013, 1:19pm
Comment by: babigirl

Hi Rebecca thanks for stopping by to leave love. To answer your question no i don't have a cricut i painted them on with a template.

Posted on: Friday, 8 February 2013, 10:04pm
Comment by: babigirl

Thanks for stopping by and leaving love in my gallery

Posted on: Sunday, 27 January 2013, 11:22am
Comment by: babigirl

Hi Rebecca just wanted to stop by to say hi and just to say i love you

Posted on: Friday, 25 January 2013, 8:00am
Comment by: babigirl

Hi Rebecca thanks for the lovely comments on my pages. And the funny thing is i never intented for it to look like an extention just the way it turned out I guess lol

Posted on: Thursday, 3 January 2013, 4:48pm
Comment by: RachelUK

Hi Rebecca - I just saw where you had marked one of my December cards as your favourite - was that the one I sent you? If not, I'll have to work on one like that for next year! Thanks anyway - and a very happy new year to you and Michael. xx

Posted on: Friday, 21 December 2012, 7:05am
Comment by: Cin17

Just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Cin

Posted on: Saturday, 15 December 2012, 5:54pm
Comment by: thinkpink22

Love you sweet friend!

Posted on: Saturday, 15 December 2012, 5:50pm
Comment by: thinkpink22

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!!!

Posted on: Sunday, 2 December 2012, 1:44am
Comment by: betty1


Posted on: Friday, 30 November 2012, 11:27am
Comment by: RachelUK

Thanks for stopping by to comment on my los, Rebecca! I have also lifted one of your designs, so I hope to post that shortly. When I was doing the Gummy Grin lo, I was looking around for something circular as my template, as I wasnt at home with all my usual stuff. In the end it was the lid of the icebucket that worked - perfectly! Amazing how innovative us artists can be! Rachel xx

Posted on: Wednesday, 26 September 2012, 5:52am
Comment by: arteshamac

Good morning! Thanking you for the love you left behind for my "2012" and "You are Beautiful" layouts. I wonder who taught me how to do those banner flags on the "You are Beautiful" layout. LOL! Thank you for always replying even when I have the simplest questions. Artesha

Posted on: Friday, 14 September 2012, 5:50am
Comment by: Cin17

Just wanted to stop by and say Hi and see what's new? Hope all is well. = )

Posted on: Wednesday, 4 July 2012, 3:31am
Comment by: Rosita

Happy Birthday!!!!

Posted on: Saturday, 23 June 2012, 1:57pm
Comment by: joydee1963

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my Heritage lo,Joy

Posted on: Sunday, 3 June 2012, 7:22am
Comment by: joydee1963

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my Tag for swap,I got 3 more swaps to do! Joy

Posted on: Saturday, 2 June 2012, 8:13pm
Comment by: Peridotskies

Hi! Thank you for the sweet comment about my tennis lo!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 May 2012, 5:56am
Comment by: tinadn

HI Rebecca, thanks for all your sweet comments on my cards. The grad one you asked about is a stamp from CTMH. Have a great day!

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