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Euroalien's Public Comments Page

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Posted on: Friday, 10 October 2014, 5:38pm
Comment by: madonnaa

Yvonne, Thanks for taking a peek in my gallery and the sweet comments you left on my ATC's. Did you get any of mine? I have quite a few of yours over the last year. enjoy your weekend. many blessings...............Donna

Posted on: Monday, 4 August 2014, 6:46am
Comment by: KVRLVN

Hi! Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my calendars. I appreciate your visit. Have a great week. :) Kelly

Posted on: Thursday, 17 July 2014, 7:25pm
Comment by: 48SixTime

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on my vintage trinket box. The paper looks really good in person, but kind of blah in the photos. I did have fun with the embellishments! You are right next door in Illinois, I'm in Missouri! Donna

Posted on: Sunday, 22 June 2014, 7:24am
Comment by: helbert

Thanks so much for the visit & kind comments!!!! Hope you have a happy scrappy day!

Posted on: Monday, 31 March 2014, 2:18pm
Comment by: Roosterhead designs

Thank you Yvonne!! Appreciate you stopping in!Karen - your gallery is beautiful!~

Posted on: Tuesday, 11 February 2014, 5:08pm
Comment by: madonnaa

Thanks for the lovely comment on my ATC. LOve it when you can do something a little different and stay within the parameters. My kind of fun, ha ha. blessings..........donna

Posted on: Saturday, 1 February 2014, 6:58am
Comment by: Jedco

Good morning:) Thanks so much for the gallery love! Have a great weekend, hugs, Joyce

Posted on: Wednesday, 22 January 2014, 2:53pm
Comment by: Roosterhead designs

Thanks for the visit Yvonne!!!! (you inspire me too:) ~Karen

Posted on: Tuesday, 14 January 2014, 12:14pm
Comment by: madonnaa

Thanks for the love on the ATC's. Have a wonderful week. ..........Donna

Posted on: Friday, 10 January 2014, 10:29pm
Comment by: madonnaa

Hi birthday buddy, thanks for the lovely comment on my ATC. enjoy your weekend. blessings.......donna

Posted on: Wednesday, 8 January 2014, 3:35pm
Comment by: Roosterhead designs

You're a peach Yvonne!!:) :) Thanks for the visit~ Karen

Posted on: Friday, 22 November 2013, 12:16pm
Comment by: madonnaa

Yvonne, so sweet of you to drop by and leave nice comments on my ATC. thanks so much. many blessings...........Donna

Posted on: Thursday, 14 November 2013, 5:22am
Comment by: reneabouquets

Good morning Yvonne! Thank you for the sweet comments you left in my gallery! I feel like I am stuck in slow motion here lately and apologize for my pokey thank you, because I am always grateful for your visits. Hugs, ~Renea

Posted on: Wednesday, 13 November 2013, 9:53am
Comment by: featherrs

Hi Yvonne!! Just wanted to thank you so much for the sugar you sprinkled in my gallery. It is much appreciated!! Lisa

Posted on: Monday, 7 October 2013, 10:35am
Comment by: Roosterhead designs

Hi Yvonne! I wanted to say THANK YOU for all your visits and support in my gallery. I'm sending notes to as many as I can think of to say that - once again I am predicting a time crunch here at work (no home PC for me) so I may not get 'thank you's' out to people's public comment pages - OR visit galleries as much as I would like. Hope you know how much I appreciate you!~ Karen

Posted on: Friday, 27 September 2013, 11:40am
Comment by: madonnaa

thanks, Yvonne.

Posted on: Tuesday, 10 September 2013, 8:01pm
Comment by: -Ace-

Hi Yvonne, thank you sooooo much for the gallery hugs, i really appreciate it! Hope you'll have a wonderful crafty week :D -Ace-

Posted on: Tuesday, 13 August 2013, 11:42am
Comment by: MarciLB

Hi Yvonne!...if you look in my gallery at the LO called Class of 2013...I used some of the beautiful lace you sent me!...
thanks for the special teddy bear ATC-love it!....Hope you are feeling better every day!

Posted on: Monday, 12 August 2013, 11:37pm
Comment by: madonnaa

HI Yvonne, thanks for the nice comments on my ATC's for the swap. Sure hope you are healing up well. take care of yourself and get better. many blessings...........Donna

Posted on: Tuesday, 23 July 2013, 8:36am
Comment by: BonniePratte

Yvonne, Thank-you so much for all the lovely encouraging words you leave in my gallery. I always enjoy your visits. Have a fantastic week! Hugs, Bonnie

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