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Frau_Cooney's Public Comments Page

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Posted on: Tuesday, 13 May 2014, 3:55pm
Comment by: bonprof

Thank you for the sweet comments. Also glad you are having fun in the forum discussions! :)

Posted on: Monday, 28 October 2013, 12:45pm
Comment by: rockmom

For sure, didgital would be great! I am just neot set up to do it that way. A two pager could work, I had not considered it but it could be a possibility! Thanks so much for taking the time to think on and comment on my little issue. Denise

Posted on: Friday, 22 April 2011, 10:54am
Comment by: rockmom

I appreciate you taking the time to leave nice comments in my gallery! Have a happy Easter weekend. Denise

Posted on: Friday, 11 March 2011, 5:33pm
Comment by: jennaroo

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my dd's lo

Posted on: Thursday, 11 November 2010, 7:36am
Comment by: Belinda Anne

Thanks for your comment on my learning to fly page, I really appreciate your visit to my gallery.

Posted on: Thursday, 1 January 2009, 9:28am
Comment by: terrihooper

Happy New Year! I hope 2009 is WONDERFUL for you!

Posted on: Wednesday, 24 December 2008, 3:13pm
Comment by: terrihooper

Merry Christmas! Terri

Posted on: Thursday, 4 September 2008, 5:04pm
Comment by: terrihooper

Hi-- I hope you have had a GREAT week! Glad you are all caught up on the forum!

Posted on: Friday, 8 August 2008, 12:47pm
Comment by: beach girl 73

Thank you for commenting on my Bonneville LO! I stopped by your gallery as well and left some love. Have a great weekend!

Posted on: Friday, 8 August 2008, 10:35am
Comment by: terrihooper

Thanks for the love on my lo's! Have a GREAT day!

Posted on: Thursday, 22 May 2008, 11:23am
Comment by: denitza

Hi there! thank you so very much for the nice comment! I can't wait to see your inchies! Have a great rest of the day and wonderful weekend!

Posted on: Tuesday, 23 January 2007, 3:50pm
Comment by: Belle*

Hello! Just wandering the neighborhood saying hi -hope you are having a good week!!

Posted on: Friday, 22 December 2006, 2:00am
Comment by: Jennifer Priest

Thanks for your comment on my Soccer LO!!! Christmas wishes to you and yours! And have an awesome NEW YEAR!!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 23 May 2006, 9:55pm
Comment by: michele in ohio

Just had to stop by and say hi when I saw you were from C'ville. I went to UVA and really miss that town!

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