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Posted on: Friday, 18 April 2014, 12:49pm
Comment by: Mrs. Bean

Hi, Katie: I'm not sure what cartridge my mom used to cut the lattice on the purple and green stamped card I recently made. It was in a square with the shadow piece behind it. I'll ask her, though, and get back to you. ~Laura

Posted on: Friday, 18 April 2014, 11:41am
Comment by: Mrs. Bean

Hi, Katie: Thank you for your comments on the four new cards I posted in my gallery. I had a fun time creating the three I made yesterday. I needed some "me time." ~Hugs, Laura xx

Posted on: Friday, 11 April 2014, 12:58pm
Comment by: Mrs. Bean

Yes, just one more sleep. I hope we CAN sleep. LOL.

Posted on: Sunday, 16 March 2014, 5:00am
Comment by: Old Misery

Hi Katie .......Thank you for your sweet comment on my heritage layout ! You made my day ! I am still not overly confident in layouts but I wanted to make albums for my parents of their family ! Enjoy your week ! Hugs Lorie

Posted on: Monday, 17 February 2014, 6:04am
Comment by: dnurse

Thanks for the visit! Donna

Posted on: Saturday, 15 February 2014, 1:21pm
Comment by: Quick Silver

Hi, Katie - I thought this looked like one of your designs (http://www.scrapbook.com/gallery/image/0/4139869.html?login=1). Off to see your latest. Fran

Posted on: Monday, 10 February 2014, 2:14pm
Comment by: Mrs. Bean

Hi, Katie: Thank you for the comments you left on my four newest layouts and the card I made you and then posted in my gallery. The shower we had for you was a lot of fun, and my mom and I were happy to do it for you. Glad you had fun! It will be fun to show Mia the photos later when she's older. I'm looking forward to your layouts of the occasion too. And I'm also glad that the pink-and-green card I made for you lifted your spirits in the hospital. ~Hugs, Laura xx

Posted on: Friday, 20 December 2013, 3:42pm
Comment by: Quick Silver

CONGRATULATIONS to the new mom & dad. Can't wait to see the precious face of little Mia Rose. Hugs to you and Johnny. Fran & Joe

Posted on: Tuesday, 17 December 2013, 10:52am
Comment by: Mrs. Bean

Hi, Katie: Thank you for your comments in my gallery. I'm glad you had a good time at the shower and enjoyed the fascinators. If anyone is throwing out their onesie invitations, you can see if you can snag a few more for your scrapbook pages. I say we should make a fascinator for Mia when she's a couple of months old. Deal? :) ~Hugs, Laura

Posted on: Saturday, 30 November 2013, 3:15pm
Comment by: Mrs. Bean

P.S. You can count on lots of good photos from the shower to scrap!

Posted on: Saturday, 30 November 2013, 2:58pm
Comment by: Mrs. Bean

Hi, Katie: I'm glad you liked your sneak peek at the invitations for the shower. We did take pictures of all of them so that we can post them later. I have one for you that I'll give you tomorrow and there will be one for Lois too, so you can see that they are all different. Thanks for lending me your Cricut cartridge so that my mom and I could make those. :) Hugs, Laura

Posted on: Tuesday, 27 August 2013, 3:32pm
Comment by: Old Misery

Thank you for your sweet comment on my birthday card ! Enjoy the rest of your week !! Lorie

Posted on: Monday, 26 August 2013, 3:34pm
Comment by: Mrs. Bean

Hi, Katie: Yes, the scrapbook for my cousin is a surprise. Her mom asked for it to give her. :) ~Hugs, Laura

Posted on: Thursday, 22 August 2013, 8:49am
Comment by: campbellkids

Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking your time to leave such fun comments! I'm glad Gracie was able to give you a laugh! So glad to hear you are as crazy about your dog as we are with ours!! LOL They are all so funny, aren't they? Hope you're having a great week! Laurie :o)

Posted on: Monday, 5 August 2013, 3:44pm
Comment by: Quick Silver

Hi, Katie - I see you updated your bio and soon will be hearing the pitter-patter of little feet in the house. Your world will change but for the better. It's amazing how big our hearts can grow when a baby comes into the house. CONGRATS.

Posted on: Tuesday, 30 July 2013, 5:56pm
Comment by: MichelleMc

Thanks so much, Katie! I really appreciate your visit and lovely comments! ~Michelle

Posted on: Monday, 29 July 2013, 3:26pm
Comment by: BonniePratte

So glad you stopped by for a visit. I truely enjoy reading your encouraging words. Hugs, Bonnie

Posted on: Friday, 31 May 2013, 7:02pm
Comment by: Tracey Sabella

Hi Katie, Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comments. You asked about the Prima Zipper flower. It was a bit heavy, but not as thick as some of the flowers I use. I've been glueing my flowers on for the past several months and that worked well for the zipper flower. I use either Helmar 450 or Beacon 3-in-1 glue. ~ Blessings, Tracey

Posted on: Friday, 3 May 2013, 5:47am
Comment by: Quick Silver

Hi, Katie - I forgot to ask, did the watches fit you and Johnny? I thought the blingy ones would be fun for you & Laura to wear to Scrapfest. They matched the "Scrapper" pins you received last year. Hugs, Fran

Posted on: Saturday, 20 April 2013, 5:32am
Comment by: Old Misery

good morning thank you for leaving such sweetness on my cards I hope you have a wonderful weekend ......Lorie

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