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Posted on: Tuesday, 12 May 2015, 5:31am
Comment by: rburks71

Ali, Thank you so much for the recent gallery visit and all the love! I truly appreciate you Have a great day! Regina

Posted on: Monday, 11 May 2015, 1:47pm
Comment by: grandma_sue

Thanks so much for stopping by my gallery!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 9 April 2015, 5:50am
Comment by: rburks71

Thank you so much, Ali, for the gallery visit and the sweet comments. Hope you have a great day! Regina

Posted on: Wednesday, 25 February 2015, 7:50am
Comment by: rburks71

Thank you for the sweet comments. I truly appreciate your visit! Regina

Posted on: Tuesday, 24 February 2015, 10:08am
Comment by: rice8994

Thank you so much for the love on my gallery!!Hugs Veronica...

Posted on: Friday, 24 October 2014, 2:53am
Comment by: Sharon Fritchey

Thanks so much, Ali, for stopping by my gallery! So appreciated! And how are you doing? I hope everything is great with you! Take care and have a good weekend! - - - I loved browsing through your gallery! Hugs, Sharon

Posted on: Wednesday, 3 September 2014, 5:43am
Comment by: dancinirish90

Hi Ali :) You asked if my 5 Stops page was a mix of digi and paper...No, I don't do digi. It's all regular scrapbooking... die cuts, wood, ribbon, metal pieces, etc. Thanks for stopping by my gallery! Hope you're having a good week. Lisa

Posted on: Friday, 4 July 2014, 3:55am
Comment by: Sharon Fritchey

Hi Ali! How are you doing? I have missed you, my friend! I hope all is well with you. Thank you for stopping by my gallery and leaving such nice comments! I am off to check yours out now! I hope you are having a great holiday weekend. Hugs to you, Sharon

Posted on: Wednesday, 2 July 2014, 5:00pm
Comment by: ozzyvik

Hi there!! Thanks for your comment on my Bridie pup...yes she is a little sweetheart and helped to make us all smile again :)

Posted on: Wednesday, 18 June 2014, 8:09pm
Comment by: Tena E.

Hi Ali, thanks for the gallery love. You've been missed on VLB...hope you and your family are doing well. Thanks again! ~Tena

Posted on: Thursday, 16 May 2013, 5:34am
Comment by: Quick Silver

Thank you for the comment and vote you left on my LO, "I Cherish This Time". I have about 9 pages done in the album I am making for my great-niece; 17 more to go. Your gallery and twin girls are both lovely. Fran

Posted on: Wednesday, 8 May 2013, 5:59am
Comment by: Momto3infinity

Thanks for your kind words on my LO for Annie :)

Posted on: Monday, 29 April 2013, 9:37am
Comment by: LynneJ

hi there and thanks so much for the nice comment on my squirrel layout; so very appreciated! Have a super week...Lynne :)

Posted on: Sunday, 14 April 2013, 8:57am
Comment by: Sharon Fritchey

Hi Ali! I feel the exact same way about you! Thanks so much for your visit to my gallery! I am so happy that we met over at MMD Divas!!!! Hugs, Sharon

Posted on: Saturday, 13 April 2013, 10:18pm
Comment by: Vae

Aww thank you for the sweet comment from March VLB. Hugs!

Posted on: Tuesday, 12 March 2013, 11:05am
Comment by: JoJorenee

Your scrap size is 8.5x11? I am in awe by you you do such a terrific job. I try them now and then but sometimes I just feel like I need so much space don't ask for what but... I enjoy looking at your work! #crazy girl commenting Mika

Posted on: Monday, 11 March 2013, 1:37pm
Comment by: Momto3infinity

Thanks so much for the visit to my gallery and the luv - keep a smile :) M.

Posted on: Thursday, 7 March 2013, 8:39am
Comment by: Momto3infinity

Good morning - thanks for commenting on my Brace Yourself LO- it was fun to put together - Happy Thursday - keep a smile :) M.

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 March 2013, 7:37pm
Comment by: Momto3infinity

Thanks for commenting on my Daddy/Daughter Dance LO - it's always nice to get feedback - keep a smile :) M.

Posted on: Tuesday, 26 February 2013, 3:34pm
Comment by: pamela.tx

Thanks for the hugs in my little gallery! Have a great day!

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