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Gabriellep's Public Comments Page

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Posted on: Saturday, 27 September 2014, 11:34am
Comment by: bonprof

Hi Gabi,
I just visited your blog and it was a wonderful experience. I was wondering where I can buy your stamps? Thank you for your help! Donna

Posted on: Saturday, 13 September 2014, 1:31am
Comment by: Old Misery

Hi Gabi....Thank you for your sweet comments you left in my gallery ! I hope to be able to get into my scraproom more now that the cooler days are upon us. I could absolutely take some lessons from you on how to make a layout ! You are a inspiration to me ! My honey and I are taking off to Gatlinburg for a week and I heard there is a huge scrapbooking store there so I know where my first stop will be ! Not sure where you are in Ontario but in our area we do not have a very good selection of scrapbooking stores so we make quite a few trips to the US to replenish my stock. Have a wonderful weekend ! Hugs Lorie

Posted on: Friday, 12 September 2014, 9:14pm
Comment by: eapipkin

Oh Gabi, your visit and sweet remarks just made my day! I sure appreciate you and thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work and techniques with us. You are such an inspiration! Hugs, Elizabeth

Posted on: Friday, 12 September 2014, 8:03am
Comment by: iluvcats261

Hi Gabi! Boy you just made my day with your wonderful comment on my Louisiana Gentlemen LO. Thank you SO much for the visit! I have gained so much inspiration from you to try new techniques. I really appreciate your beautiful work. Have a great day! Lisa : )

Posted on: Wednesday, 10 September 2014, 4:41pm
Comment by: luv46kdz

Gabi, thanks for the love on Nola :) You're truly an inspiration to me and I always look to you when I need a boost

Posted on: Wednesday, 16 July 2014, 9:49pm
Comment by: SheilaMarie

Hi Gabi! Thanks so much for the sweet comments on my Mom's page. I appreciate your vistit so much! Have a great weekend! hugs Sheila

Posted on: Monday, 14 July 2014, 7:43pm
Comment by: Qweenofthecrop

Hi Gabi! Your comments on my Time in a Bottle layout made my day! Thanks for stopping by and leaving some love! **all smiles** Amanda

Posted on: Monday, 14 July 2014, 3:32pm
Comment by: chez49

hi gabi and thanks for the love on my grandparents page hugs/chez

Posted on: Monday, 16 June 2014, 5:44pm
Comment by: KVRLVN

Hi Gabrielle! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my Sea Side Escape layout. I so appreciate your visit. :) Kelly

Posted on: Monday, 16 June 2014, 10:18am
Comment by: Roosterhead designs

You are such a peach Gabi!! Thanks for the visit to my gallery; *Big Smile*!! Karen

Posted on: Saturday, 14 June 2014, 2:10am
Comment by: moonmist

Thankyou so much Gabrielle for always leaving lovely comments on my lo I truly appreciate you taking the time.Hoping you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs. Chris

Posted on: Friday, 13 June 2014, 8:05am
Comment by: KadeeBear

It was wonderful to see you had stopped by! You always have the kindest comments! I really do appreciate it! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Hugs, Kathy

Posted on: Friday, 13 June 2014, 6:25am
Comment by: dnurse

Thanks so much for the gallery visit - means so much to me! Donna

Posted on: Wednesday, 11 June 2014, 7:44pm
Comment by: yelenats

Hi Gabrielle! Thanks a million for your warm comments on my Daddy's Girl LO! Yelena

Posted on: Tuesday, 10 June 2014, 3:09pm
Comment by: Roosterhead designs

Hello Gabrielle! Hope all is well~ Thanks for peeking in my gallery last week! Always makes me smile to see you've been there : ) Hope you find that time to make Megan a book bag! LOL (One of my girls was/is a big reader too) Blessings, Karen

Posted on: Thursday, 5 June 2014, 11:39am
Comment by: eapipkin

Thank you sweet lady for the hugs on my card. I appreciate your time! Hugs, Elizabeth

Posted on: Tuesday, 3 June 2014, 8:30am
Comment by: LynneJ

thanks for checking out my album, Gabi-I'll eventually post it on FB pages too but not til the recipient receives it....love the story about the squirrel "waving"at your DD-better to have squirrels in your attic than bats in your belfry, I suppose-LOL! Have a super day...hugs, Lynne

Posted on: Monday, 2 June 2014, 6:46pm
Comment by: 48SixTime

Thank you so much Gabi for dropping by my layout of Nealy and her PaPa. I really appreciate the lovely comments you left. Thank you so so much! Donna

Posted on: Monday, 2 June 2014, 4:22pm
Comment by: bonprof

Thanks Gabi for great comment! Means a lot!

Posted on: Tuesday, 13 May 2014, 5:03pm
Comment by: bonprof

Hi Gabi, thanks for stopping by to leave such sweet comments. Really appreciate it.

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