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ScrappinMarie's Reviews

  • Review: Provo Craft - Cricut Jukebox

    I recommend this product

    LOVE IT!!! (26 June 2009)

    I just buy this for 20 dollar from rummage sale... it is brand new and never use it... which is good deal... I love this cuz i dont have to change the cartiage all the time now I use this less work to change the cartiage... love it.... more more easy to do this... i can carry this to scrapbook store and to use this...... thanks for looking.........

  • Review: Provo Craft - Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter

    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product

    I LOVE IT!!!! (07 October 2008)

    I just got it from Walmart with my gift card and me and my db pay rest of it... I love it and i used it alot and more easy to use it... I cant live out it lol... I need to buy the shapes stuff... I has 4 different kind of alphabets.... I bet my mom will be soo JEALOUS if i get it... lol... thanks for sharing!

  • Review: Xyron Create-A-Sticker - Model 150 "X" Dispenser

    I recommend this product

    Cant live without X!!!!!!!!!! (07 February 2008)

    I used those lot and everything... perfect for small and tiny Alphabets or small pieces.... I love this... I been use this for 4 yrs and still goood.....

  • Review: Xyron - Model 510 - Adhesive, Laminate, Magnet and Label System with DVD and Idea Book

    I recommend this product

    I LOVE IT!!!!!! (07 February 2008)

    i used those Lot for vellum or small piece... I had those for 3 years and still GOOD....