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Debee W's Reviews

  • Review: Black Market Paper Society - Ebony and Alabaster Collection - 12x12 Double Sided Paper - Singing in the Rain

    I recommend this product

    Absolutely LOVE BMPS papers! (12 January 2009)

    They have a unique and very cool texture and their patterns are gorgeous and different! They work well for urban looks, for vintage looks, for tropical looks -- whatever look you're going for there is a BMPS paper. This really is a case of 'you have to see it to believe it' as it is hard to appreciate the unique beauty of these papers until you actually see and feel them in person. Beautiful!

  • Review: Scenic Route Paper - Liberty Collection - 12x12 Double Sided Paper - Grant Street, CLEARANCE

    I recommend this product

    Loved working with these papers (12 January 2009)

    They are a nice weight and so pretty!

  • Review: Ranger Ink - Stickles Glitter Glue - Yellow

    I recommend this product

    Gotta LOVE Stickles! (12 January 2009)

    Well I do anyway! They are so easy to use and add a nice touch of sparkle to your cards and layouts. The only drawback is that once you have one bottle of Stickles you gotta have 'em all! ;p

  • Review: Fiskars - Border Punch - Threading Water

    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product

    Fun, fun, fun! (12 January 2009)

    I was recently able to finally get my hands on one of these and it is my new favorite toy :)

    This is actually my first border punch, and now I want more.

  • Review: Making Memories - Noteworthy Collection - Spiral Journaling Book

    I recommend this product

    Cute and handy! (12 January 2009)

    I love these journaling papers. I love that they are spiral bound, so easy to keep all together until I want one and if I want that ripped look, I've got it, or for a cleaner look I can easily trim it with my paper cutter. I've also used these for mats and for peeking out from behind a piece of pp. They are large enough for a decent amount of journaling, too. Highly recommend.

  • Review: Signo - White Uni-ball Impact Pen

    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product

    Great pen (16 June 2008)

    Of all the white pens I've tried this is the best so far. Giving it 4 stars only because I do occasionally have to go back over my lines due to some minor skipping, but overall, it doesn't skip much or often.