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Sharrilou's Reviews

  • Review: Fiskars - 12 Inch Premium Cut-Line Portable Trimmer - Blade Style I

    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product

    Great Cutter (04 February 2013)

    I truly love this paper cutter. All the features are exactly what I need. However, after 2 years of use, the wire guide has started to fray and the blade no longer slides smoothly. In other words, I have worn it out! Am in the process of contacting Fiskars to see if a new wire guide is available. I would purchase this cutter again if I can't just replace the wire guide.

  • Review: Fiskars - Paper Trimmer Titanium Replacement Blades - Triple Track - 2 Pack - Blade Style I

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    Titanium Blades (25 July 2011)

    Will be making wedding invitations next week for my daughters wedding. Don't anticipate having to change blades to get a clean cut.

  • Review: Craft Design - 12 Inch Craft Box

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    Stickles Storage (14 July 2011)

    I bought this box to store my stickles. It holds a lot (48+) for it's compact size. However, I find sometimes the latch does not close securely, and have played 48 pickup several times.