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Pinkpadprints's Reviews

  • Review: American Crafts - Bulk Ribbon - Red Spool Number 5

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    Great Ribbon (11 July 2008)

    American Crafts has always produced quality ribbon, and now that scrapbook.com has offered it to us in bulk is wonderful. I much prefer ribbon in bulk if I know I'll be using it often. This is a great product.

  • Review: Sandylion 12x12 Album - Mickey

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    Love This Album (11 July 2008)

    When I first saw this album, I fell in love with it. The reason being, is that the gray area looks like a soft, cotton t-shirt (or a sweatshirt). It looks like it would feel like fabric. (It's not actually fabric, but that's ok.) The hand drawn look of Mickey is the other reason I love this album. As the description says, it is flocked and fuzzy. A nice little surprise was that there is a flocked Mickey on the back cover as well. There are also two smaller non-flocked Mickeys on each inside cover, all in similar hand drawn fashion. It just gives the feeling of a cozy, vintage, well-loved t-shirt.

  • Review: Memory Dock - Creative Page Planner - Work Binder - Classic Black

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    A Great Product (11 July 2008)

    This product is a fabulous invention and it holds so many pieces of memorabilia. On each page, the front half has 4 pockets of various sizes and on the back, there is one large pocket, big enough for a 12x12 piece of paper. I love being able to see all of my little bits of paper and cards and things I'm saving to eventually add to my scrapbooks.

    One of the two things that bug me is that I wish the elastic strap that holds it shut would have been attached to the binder on the back. Maybe it is supposed to be and mine wasn't, but I'm afraid I'll set it down somewhere and lose track of the elastic band. Not a huge deal, but still. The other thing that is slightly irritating is the small pockets at the top of the page can't hold anything of any bulk or more than one layer of paper. When I quickly flip through the pages, I've had several things fly out of the tiny pocket. Too slippery. So I can't put a whole lot of stuff in the shallow pockets. Other than those two things, this is a fabulous product, and will keep your items flat, safe, organized and easily accessible.

  • Review: American Crafts - Thickers - Foam Letter Stickers - Giggles Pink

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    My Favorite Thickers So Far (11 July 2008)

    While I love all American Crafts Thickers, these are my favorite. Not just because they are pink, but the font is just too cute! I like that the letters are a little bit on the small side, I can fit a whole title in a smaller space, but you also seem to get more letters in a package because of this. I haven't counted and compared each letter to the other Thickers I have, but there just seemed to be more. The foam is a lot of fun to work with, and are a little easier to reposition if needed, unlike the felt letters. Like I said, these are my favorite so far!

  • Review: American Crafts - Thickers - Felt Letter Stickers - Playroom - Cucumber

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    So fun! (11 July 2008)

    I love all American Crafts Thickers, and these are no different! I'm glad they came out with various materials for their letters, it makes your page or project that much more fun with the texture. They stick well, and if needed, you can gently pull them up immediately after they're stuck down. If you wait a little while before you decide to reposition them, you may be out of luck.

  • Review: Pioneer - 3-Up Bonded Leather Album 3 Ring - 204 Pockets - Black

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    Just What I Expected (11 July 2008)

    The 3-up albums work just as Stacy Julian says in her book, Photo Freedom. They are re-arrangeable, you can add more pages to them, and they allow enough room for several photos in the same pocket. I found that I can fit 4 or 5 (it's a squeeze) in the same pocket. There is plenty of room to write a description next to the photograph as well.