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4giggles's Reviews

  • Review: Making Memories - 5th Avenue Collection - Die Cuts - Sophia, CLEARANCE

    I recommend this product

    LOVE these 5th Avenue Accessories! (11 September 2008)

    These are the cutest accessories to their 5th Avenue Line. They work so well in little mini albums or on a layout. They are not adhesive backed, but I like that because you can then hang them freely with a ribbon or glue them down.

  • Review: Crop in Style XXL Tote - Black

    I recommend this product

    Best Storage & Tote on Wheels out there! (11 September 2008)

    I have had this bag for over 8 years and beleive me it has taken some abuse. The other day I was pulling it up over the door jam in my home and the plastic handle cracked and broke. I called Crop-in-Style's Customer Service and asked if I could order a new top part of the handle. She said sure and took my order. When I asked how much it would be, she said it was no charge. They then shipped it FEDEX (again no charge) and I recieved it in 2 days. WOW! Talk about standing behind your product! My daughter had a similar experience and was sent the replacement part without any questions asked. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this bag to anyone. Besides the great customer service it is the largest tote out there and holds a ton of scrapbooking supplies!