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Must Scrap More's Reviews

  • Review: Simple Stories - Mix and Match Collection - 6 x 8 Kraft Binder Album

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    Kraft Binder (08 June 2012)

    This is my first use of it but I can tell I will need many more. It is the absolute perfect size for mini albums. I'm making my first one with it. I never liked the mini album concept before but I'm definitely a convert now. This little binder is just the right size!

  • Review: Doodlebug Design - 12 x 12 Storybook Album - Tangerine

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    Doodlebug Album (08 June 2012)

    The quality is superb, even with my kids constantly touching it. I'm using this for project life and it's very convenient. I bought this one as a second one because I add inserts so I wasn't going to get 1 year's worth into just one album. We've gotten several scratches on it but it's no problem because the color goes all the way through the leather. Very vibrant and beautiful.