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Grandscraperona's Reviews

  • Review: Ranger Ink - The Crafter's Workshop - 9 x 12 Doodling Template - Luscious Leaves

    I recommend this product

    Ranger Ink - The Crafters Workshop (10 July 2012)

    I love both templates in one 9x12 piece. Already used it on a canvas, with gesso and green paint! very interesting! both!

  • Review: Prima - Ingvild Bolme - Chalk Fluid Edger -¬†Sweet Pea

    I recommend this product

    Prima - Ingvild Bome - A Sweet Pea (10 July 2012)

    Very handy, the only thing is that the name suggests soft green!

  • Review: Lindy's Stamp Gang - Starburst Spray - 2 Ounce Bottle - Tibetan Poppy Teal

    I recommend this product

    Lyndis Stamp Gang - Starburst Spray Tibetan Poppy Teal (10 July 2012)

    Beautiful hues! i love it, and the spraying system works perfectly...

  • Review: Tim Holtz - 2011 Downloadable Product Catalog, FREE

    I don't recommend this product

    Tim Holtz - 2011 downloadable product catalog, free (23 April 2012)

    Never receive the downloadable product!

  • Review: Advantus - Tim Holtz - Idea-ology Collection - Curio Knobs

    I recommend this product

    Advntus Tim Holtz Ideaology Coll Curio knobs. (23 April 2012)

    i used these beautiful pieces to separate a collection of pictures by hall to kitchen....there was too much space between, so i decided to fill and decorate the space at the same tiem.

  • Review: Zig Writer - Black

    I recommend this product

    Zig Writer - Black (06 December 2011)

    i dont know how i didnt buy this pen before. I used ot for details on a card, and also to delinate like sewing!...easy to control lines, etc.

  • Review: Prima - Clear Acrylic Stamps - Brick 1

    I don't recommend this product

    Prima - Clear Acrylic Stamps - Brick 1 (09 October 2011)

    Deception! This product is just a piece of transparency showing the details of brick but without the texture to stamp with...What can be done?

  • Review: Tombow - Mono Multi Liquid Glue

    I recommend this product

    Mono Multi Liquid Glue (03 September 2011)

    i use this all the time. my predilect glue...cannot live without it!

  • Review: Honey Bee Scissors

    I recommend this product

    Honey Bee Scissors (03 September 2011)

    This is the second time i buy this item. Wonderful! i still have the older one, and use it for small tasks, i think it can be improved as any other scissor...

  • Review: Provo Craft - Cricut Spatula Tool

    I recommend this product

    Cricut Spatula Tool (03 September 2011)

    Since i received this item, i am happier! very easy to manipulate, and removes small pieces with easyness.

  • Review: Ranger Ink - Stickles Glitter Glue - Pink

    I recommend this product

    Stickles Glitter Glue - Pink (03 September 2011)

    Perfect size of bottle so is easy to handle. It dries in less time than other. Love it, and will continue buying other colors.

  • Review: Ranger Ink - Inkssentials - Reusable Non Stick Craft Sheet - 15 inch by 18 inch

    I recommend this product

    Range Ink - Reusable Non Stick Craft Sheet 15x18 inch. (04 July 2011)

    This item is useful but i consider it expensive!...mine has curled on the corners and i have to press same with heavy books to avoid these curls to become more unconfortable. Please low price asap, cause maybe i bought another soon. With the critical economical situation, i prefer to keep money for other essentials and stay with the old one (curled) i have.

  • Review: Fiskars - Squeeze Punch - Medium - Circle - Round n Round

    I recommend this product

    Fiskars - Squeez Punch - Medium (04 July 2011)

    A useful tool to help you in a fast & easy way!...i bought two other sizes...

  • Review: Tattered Angels - Glimmer Mist Spray - 2 Ounce Bottle - Gold

    I recommend this product

    Glimmer Mist Spray 2 ounce bottle - gold (21 February 2011)

    i would like this to be more gold!... maybe i have to spray on and on to seek what i would like to reach.

    Very subtle...for a soft misting..

  • Review: Tattered Angels - Chalkboard Collection - Glimmer Mist Spray - 2 Ounce Bottle - Concord

    I recommend this product

    Tattered Angels - Chalkboard Collection - Glimmer Mist Spray - 2 ounce Bottle - (21 February 2011)

    With this, i had no problem It worked perfect the first time i sprayed it.

    Beautiful shade of dark lilac.

  • Review: Tattered Angels - Chalkboard Collection - Glimmer Mist Spray - 2 Ounce Bottle - Charcoal

    I recommend this product

    lTattered Angels - Chalkboard Collection. - Glimer Mist Spray 2 ounces bottle - (21 February 2011)

    To enjoy the product for the first time, i had to shake the bottle side to side for more than 20 minutes constantly, as i was waiting this shade to finish a collage. After the first spray, it has worked without problems...