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    amazing value (15 March 2014)

    I love Bo Bunny. I have spent a pretty penny on their collections and accessories. Originally, I had passed on the noteworthy thinking it was something I could do at home. I am so glad that I didn't go that route this time. I did 4, 12x12 layouts using a lot of embellishments from this pack and still had a ton left over. The designs and shapes are inspiring but what really sold me was the versatility and flexibility they give you in designing your page or project.
    To me this a great bang for your buck and they add so much to your design process as well as the page or project.

  • disappointed (03 October 2013)

    I really wanted this to work and have tried and tried with this company.
    I bought it originally in 2011 and have had issues with it on and off ever since.

    When this works it is fabulous. I like the size of it, its easy glide and the level of tack on all options.

    However, I constantly run into a problem with the tape getting messed up and the whole cartridges not working. I have lost three brand new ones right out of the package. They were bought at different times and different vendors. I have tried different levels of tack but they have failed. At a minimum of 8.99 a pop its just too expensive to have this be a wild card if I get one that works or not.

    Apparently I am not alone as my LSS has a huge box in the back room filled with return refills.

    Buy at your own risk!

  • Love these (03 October 2013)

    I finally started using these paper pads for my layouts. I used to think they were only for card makers or a small album but no they are great for layouts.

    I have a couple of kids so I would buy at least 4 sheets of each style in a collection worried I would not have enough for each album if I cut up a favorite design. Now I can save my 12x12 sizes and buy less by buying this pad. I use it on my cricut, journaling spaces, some matting and embellishments.

    My only complaint is that Bo Bunny doesn't do all the pp of the collection in the pad. I wish they would do some of the cut up tags in this size too.

    Overall the 6x6 pads are a great investment for their versatility.

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    Journaling spaces (13 May 2013)

    I really like Bo bunny's Note worthy cards especially the ones for this collection. There are a nice variety of shapes and sizes for journaling as well as some embellishments.

  • NIce collection (13 May 2013)

    I initially passed on this collection since I have boys but after really looking at the messages on the stickers and chipboard I wanted it.

    Bo bunny always does a nice job on the quality of their stickers but in Serenade they made more open journaling tags. This is one of the reasons I bought this collection.

    Love the colors and the more I think about it the more uses I can see for it. I would say get it while its still in stock!

  • Love these page protectors (09 March 2013)

    I am hooked on this company's albums and page protectors. I love them even more for realizing that there is need for protectors like these. They offer good variety, easy to get in/out of and so durable.

    Great Products!

  • Difficult for edges (14 September 2011)

    I like These colors especially for doing edges but, the ink pad is surrounded by so much edge that it makes it hard to get some angles without using a dauber or some other applicator.

  • great addition to your cricut (27 August 2009)

    this is a nice extra to have on your cricut! I used it on plain chipboard to add a layer of thickness to letters I cut out on the cricut. It adds dimension and gives me the flexibility to either top them with paper, ink or paint.

    If you are looking for something that will add flexibility and value to your cricut, give this a good look.

  • You have to use it to appreciate it! (16 July 2009)

    I held off buying this cartridge for a long time, until recently I couldn't figure what I would need it for. Well after a few trips to the zoo and some farms this spring I decided to to take the plunge.
    After using it, I started to see all the things I could have done with it when my boys were younger, like an animal book with the sounds. However I am finding different uses as well like a pumpkin patch layout.

    I like that the each animal also has its sound. I can also just do the head or cut the whole animal and then put in a different color paper, press shift and get detail cuts for dimension. For example I did the cow border in white and did the spots and hooves in black. This also does book marks and borders.

    This is good for anyone who has kids, teaches, likes animals etc. Really fun cartridge.

  • mixed feeling (11 November 2008)

    I bought this because of Friskars reputation for quality cutting instruments.

    The cutter has been nice but I was disappointed in that the corner storage covers came off and broke so easily. The cutter is very light considering its size. It might have been the one I got from Michael's but I have had to run my blade over cardstock a few times to cut when it was new.

    It does well with larger pieces of paper but not thin smaller pieces such as cleaning up an edge that was was not cut straight..

    I do like that the black strip in the base under the blade can be taken out and flipped over on 4 different sides. It doesn't wear out as quickly. The arm also clamps down pretty tightly so there is no movement of the paper. I also like the safety of having to push the blade down to cut.

    All in all it has served me well for scrapbooking. I think I may have had higher expectations because of growing up with their high quality sewing scissors.

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    Easy, time saving product. A must have!! (10 November 2008)

    I love Xron products!

    This little gem has been great with the Cricut but also buttons and even ribbon. This is not only convient but I find it to be a time saver. When I do layering items like flowers or letters this will get it done fast and efficiently. It gives an even layer of adhesive especially helpful on ribbon.

    I can also pre-adhere my cut outs for a crop, allowing me to just take the tape. One less thing to pack, lighter crop bag and more time spent finishing pages.

    These replacement cartridges are so easy to load I had to do it twice. I just couldn't believe it was that easy. Ingenious design, good quality product... well worth the investment.