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ChelleKristine's Reviews

  • Review: Anna Griffin - Yuletide Greetings Collection - Christmas - 12 x 12 Paper with Foil Accents - Gold Circle

    I recommend this product

    POSITIVELY SMASHING! (18 December 2014)

    Is this cardstock ever gorgeous! This is one of those patterns that will so wow you that you'll be hesitant to cut into it, so trust me on this, you'll want to buy extra! The gold foiling is beautifully done, and the cardstock is really thick, premium paper. Can't say enough good things about Anna Griffin's foiled cardstocks - they are ALWAYS top-notch!

  • Review: Anna Griffin - Winter Wonderland Collection - Christmas - 12 x 12 Paper with Foil Accents - Snowflakes

    I recommend this product

    Think the Previous Reviewer Made a Mistake! (18 December 2014)

    The previous reviewer seems to be as smitten with this cardstock as I am, yet gave it merely one star! (Adding my review to help boost its rating!) The product photo here does this patterned cardstock no justice whatsoever! This design is ABSOLUTELY SMASHING! The cardstock is very thick, high quality stuff, and the silver foiling is positively exquisite! I loved this cardstock so much that, not realizing this particular pattern was still available here, I scrolled through eBay pages for ages to track more down, and purchased a whole bunch - this is definitely one of those patterns you just never want to run out of!

  • Review: Anna Griffin - Yuletide Greetings Collection - Christmas - 12 x 12 Paper - Green Damask

    I recommend this product

    Gorgeous, High Quality Patterned Cardstock! (18 December 2014)

    I felt compelled to leave a review because I strongly disagree with the previous reviewer, who indicated that the product photo was misleading, that the colors were actually far less vivid and thus the paper was "more like a texture than a print because the colors are so dull."

    I have a great many sheets of this particular pattern, and I think it is perfectly represented by scrapbook.com's product photo. The colors are highly saturated and the paper is just truly stunning! I'm wondering if perhaps the previous reviewer just got a bad batch? I can tell you that I did not purchase all of my papers at one time or even from a single source - mine are from multiple batches, produced at different times, so I truly believe that my review accuarately represents the cardstock. Hope this helps!

  • Review: Carl Brands - Heavy Duty Rotary 12 Inch Trimmer

    I don't recommend this product

    Just One Major Flaw... (25 September 2007)

    First, I should say that I don't have the DC-210; I have the RT-200, which I believe is one step down. My only real beef with the Carl trimmer is that the rotary arm is stationary - it doesn't lift, like on most trimmers. It may not seem like a big deal, but it can be a real problem at times.

    First, it makes it very difficult to cut small items - there is just no good way to really position them for the cut, since you can't get under that arm. To make small cuts even more difficult, the rotary arm on mine is not transparent, like almost all rotary trimmers are. (It looks like maybe Carl learned from that mistake, since it appears that the DC-210 does have a transparent arm. Keep this in mind, though, if you are considering other Carl models.)

    Second, there are times when I'll need to trim something that might already have a little bit of adhesive on the backside. Even just a teeny bit of adhesive can cause the item to stick to either the cutting mat or the underside of the rotary arm. Since the arm is stationary, I've actually had to use tweezers and little tools like that to try to pry out my paper. By the time I finally get it out, it's often just ruined anyway.

    Also, in situations like that, if the paper leaves any residue of adhesive under the arm, it is a real pain to try to clean it out. On most trimmers, you could just lift up the arm, and wipe the adhesive off. With the stationary arm, though, I've had to just do cut after cut after cut on scrap paper until the residue was finally worn off.

  • Review: Cutterpede Trimmer

    Verified Buyer
    I don't recommend this product

    Can't get a straight cut! (25 September 2007)

    I'd like to give this trimmer a high rating, since it was my first trimmer ever, and I've grown emotionally attached to it - but in truth, it has problems. The most serious one, of course, is that I can't get a perfectly straight cut from it. I haven't decided on a replacement trimmer yet, so I've gone back to the ruler and craft knife - that's how bad it is!

    Also, I did have a little piece break off of the arm, right at the joint. The piece was small and on the underside of the arm, so it didn't affect my cut in any way. This occurred after about a year of use.