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Cawinfield's Reviews

  • Review: Imaginisce - I-Rock Tool - Cordless Crystal Heat Setting Applicator

    I don't recommend this product

    Wish it worked consistently... (26 October 2011)

    I was excited about this tool, but have been disappointed. It doesn't work (heat) consistently. Sometimes the rocks fall off, but if I heat them longer they get burn marks. Needs some more development...

  • Review: Making Memories - Slice Cordless Design Cutter Machine - Starter Kit

    I don't recommend this product

    SLICE Disappoints - Again (22 June 2010)

    I don't know how so many people have rated the SLICE at 4 stars. I am now on my 3rd SLICE. After the first couple of times using it, they all start having issues. They won't cut through the paper, or it only cuts some of the lines. I have followed each and every troubleshooting tip (and there are many, cause there are lots of problems), and some of them work sometimes, some don't work at all - and the SLICE continues to be inconsistent. I never know if it is going to work when I need it to. Making Memories needs to stop selling the SLICE until they actually have it working. VERY DISAPPOINTED - AGAIN.