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CGMoon's Reviews

  • Review: Creative Imaginations - Narratives by Karen Russell - Scalloped Paper - White Line - Notebook

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    I recommend this product

    Beautiful paper (11 June 2008)

    I loved working with this piece from CI. It looks like notebook paper so you almost expect it to be as light as Notebook paper, but it is sturdy like cardstock. Loved it, and I want to get some more!

  • Review: JudiKins Diamond Glaze - 2 oz

    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product

    I LOVE JUDIKINS!!! (03 May 2008)

    I love this adhesive...I use for almost everything. It is great for chipboard, buttons, flowers and it really adheres once you've put something in place. This adhesive is also good for making clear water dots or splash marks on your fun bath or swimming pages! Try some today!!!

  • Review: EK Success Adhesive Remover

    I recommend this product

    Fantastic (30 August 2007)

    OMG...I made a huge boo boo today and I had just gotten this from a swap that I am in and thought "hmmm...I'll give it a try." OMG, OMG...it is FANTASTIC...It removed adhesive from my Xyron sticker maker...it totally worked! This is a must have!

  • Review: 3L Scrapbook Adhesives - E-Z Runner - Permanent

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    I recommend this product

    Love it!!! (27 August 2007)

    I use this adhesive about 98% of the time...I love it...I can't say that I've tried a whole lot of other adhesives...but stick with what you love! And I love this adhesive!!!!!!