Iceteeeeee's Reviews

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    Layout Templates (28 August 2010)

    This is a handy collection to have with your scrapbooking materials. It is neatly packaged and easy to use! Great idea!

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    Hanging Files (16 July 2010)

    I store all of my 12 by 12 paper and kits in these amazing folders. They are strong and made to last. They come with tabs and labels to easily identify contents.

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    Pioneer Binders (02 March 2010)

    These are invaluable to the Library of Memories class. I have 15 of them and they are just fabulous for holding my photos!

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    Terrific Album (20 August 2009)

    Gorgeous color, sturdy, and very stylish. You will not be disappointed with this choice album.

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    Number One CS (20 August 2009)

    Nice textured paper that can be used for everything. A staple in the business!

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    Nice sturdy protectors (20 August 2009)

    These page protectors are topnotch quality. Great item!

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    It's Fancy (13 July 2008)

    This is a gorgeous, gated album with very cool page protectors included. I highly recommend it.

  • Herma Dotto New Dispenser (09 February 2008)

    I had given up on these years ago because although I loved the way it worked originally, I could NOT refill it correctly and ended up throwing it away. When I heard they had a 'new and improved' one I ordered it. The case was very loose and came all the way off once, causing the tape to fall out. Needless to say I have not been able to fix it. I wrote to Herma, but they haven't bothered to reply.